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NAME: JULIET AMUNEKECLASS NUMBER AND SECTION: CISC 120INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: ELEANOR WAIDATE: DECEMBER 12TH, 2018Table of Contents IntroductionBody Roles of computer technology and internet in Health ScienceMedical OfficeMedicineHospitalsConclusionReferences The Roles of Computer Technology and Internet in Health Science Computer plays an important role in the field of medicine and hospitals all around the world. Every hospital today now incorporates computers into its daily routine and duties, and this technology has become a necessary and a golden asset in virtually every medical facility. There are many lives that has been saved through computer technology and computerized machines in health care facilities. Many medical screening methods, CT Scans and x-rays like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), ultrasound require the use of computers. People suffering from phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder have in some cases found relief through computed tomography scans. CITATION Chr17 l 1033 (Christian). Also, various surgeries like cataract surgery, arthroscopy, gastric bypass, computer-assisted surgery (CAS) etc. depends on computer technologies to decrease the risks of surgical errors, operating time and surgical morbidity. Medical Office Computers is needed in medical offices throughout the world. Computers help with, administrative duties, organizational, and patient related data and records. Computer serves to simplify patient’s interaction with doctors and other health care teams. Computer stores and provides access to patients’ medical history, staff records, and helps in financial management of the hospital. A hospital could not possibly function ideally without accurate data keeping for financial transactions and patient’s billing without the use of financial planning software or database software. These computers also help assemble a number of critical contact details, including the doctor’s information and contact information, and patients’ contact information. Also, computer technology made it simple for doctors to install medical software e.g. patient portal etc. that would let patients type in their own information, send reminders via texts, emails, calls or voicemail message. Likewise, patients can use this portal to order prescription pills, get reminders about upcoming appointments, check labs results sent from their doctors.Medicine Computer performs a vital function in the area of medicine and in the field of research. It provides a base for various technological advancements, experimental treatments and breakthroughs in the medical field as a whole. In medical imaging, creation of image of human body and body parts is made possible through computer advanced technology. Medical engineering community uses CAD (computer aided design) software to create anatomically accurate models of the human body and developing medical implants quickly and accurately. Storing and retrieving those images for medical purposes and examination is made easier because of computer. Computerized equipment can inform about the changes taking place in the human body without a cut in the skin e.g. blood, fluid and glucose monitoring equipment, blood pressure and temperature monitoring equipment etc. The use of computer in the health sector has brought more precision in medical diagnosis and examination and promotes faster detection of illnesses and diseases in the body. Also, there are computer websites like Modernizing Medicine that use AI (artificial intelligence) software to search through data on millions of patient visits and treatments provided by thousands of physicians. This website can help doctors quickly diagnose conditions with which they are not familiar and research alternative means of treatment for illnesses to reduce costs and side-effects for patients. Hospitals Hospitals rely significantly on computers in order to organize their daily functions and tasks. This may include accounting billing, appointments etc. This is a critical aspect in the profession and proficiency of a doctor because it organizes their responsibilities as well. Without computer, hospital scheduling and records would be difficult to retrieve and doctors would be burdened by a lot of information to process mentally. The functioning of hospital-bed beeping systems, emergency alarm systems, X-ray machines and other medical appliances is effective due to computer technologies. Furthermore, in hospital rooms when examining patients, doctors and nurses can take notes and prescribe treatments at the point of care. This eliminate major errors and mistakes from medical personnel, doctors and nurses trying to read handwriting and trying to remember later. In conclusion, computer technology and internet are the best means of maintaining detailed patients record of physical illness and the quickest means of communication between doctors and patients through email, skype, video chat, text etc. Important medical documents, doctor’s diagnosis, medical research or medical journal can be stored in electronic format of the computer and can later on be retrieve from the computer database. Complex surgeries can be performed with the help of computer technology. More advanced-computer based system are now used to examine even the most delicate organs of the human body that are difficult to examine.  REFERENCES BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Christian, Nordqvist. Everything you need to Know about Phobias. 20 December 2017.Connor, Stephen. 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