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1 REFLECTIVE JOURNAL 1 When the principle 3 ( Cultural practice and respectful relationships ) in the Code of conduct for Nurses was discussed, I remembered one incident which was happened in my clinical setting in UAE. In antenatal ward, one of my patients was taken for ultraso und. When I took the patient inside, she shouted because the radiologi st was a male staff. As a Muslim patient , she refused to do the USG . A new booking had been taken on the next day by a female radiographer. I felt guilty about this situation, because I didn’t enquire the radiology department about the duty doctor and failed to ask the patient ‘s preference. I regret that I could not understand the cultural background of the patient and failed to communicate with the concerned department about the pati ent’ choices . However, I am pleased that I arranged another appointment for the investigation on next day. To commun icate effectively, nurses must clearly and accurately communicate relevant and timely information about t he person to colleagues, within the bounds of relevant privacy requirements. (NMBA standards , 2018 ). Looking back on this incident, I realized that I should have improved the inter departmental communication skills and arrange an appointment with a female radiologist. As per NMBI guide lines, 2014, I shouldn’t have presumed that the patient would agree to do the procedure by a male doctor. After this experience, I decided to a void making assumptions and recognize diversity and individual choice and aimed to improve my communication skill s (NMC CODE , 2018 ). References Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (2018). Code of Conduct for Nurses .Principle 3: Cultural practice and respectful relationships .Retrieved from http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/documents2 REFLECTIVE JOURNAL 1 Nursing and Midwi fery Council (2018). Professional standards of practice and behavior for nurses, midwives and nursing associates .Retrieved from https://www.nmc.org.uk/standards/code/ Nursing and Midwifer y Board of Ireland (2014 ).Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics .Ret rieved from https://www.nmbi.ie/Standards -Guidance/Code