Safeguarding vulnerable people

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In this assignment I will be talking about safeguarding vulnerable people and linking it to different questions. D1The title is relevant to service users with in a health and social care setting because people who are vulnerable are more at risk. Safeguarding vulnerable people will prevent them from being harmed and abused (Wyatt et, al 2017). Individuals who are in a vulnerable position are often weak, frail or living with disabilities or mental health problems . That’s why often people who are vulnerable rely on help and support to help them, therefore the title is relevant to service users because it’s stopping abuse and harm from happening to that person (personnel checks Sep 2014). A vulnerable person may be unable to care of themselves and can’t protect themselves against things happening to them like harm and abuse. It’s important that practitioners safeguard vulnerable individuals because it’s making sure that they are able to live a life which is free from neglect, abuse and harm (Katie Martinelli, 2018).

It’s also important that they are safeguarded because if they wasn’t something may happen to them and because they are been safeguarded the individual has support there to protect them. The second reason why the title is relevant to safeguarding vulnerable people is because it’s taking that individuals feeling, wishes and beliefs into account. If a vulnerable person didn’t want to do a certain thing then them been safeguarded will take this into account. this links back to service users and the title because its ensuring the individual is still able to do things but their wishes , feelings and beliefs are still cared about and they still have a say in what they want to do (Katie Martinelli, 2018). For example if there was an elderly lady who is more at risk of falling when she’s out. Her been safeguarded will then help her and find different ways that she’s able to go out and still be independent but is still safe (Wyatt et, al 2017). The third way that the title is relevant to service users is because it’s allowing service users to make their own decisions whilst getting supported by a safeguarding team. This safety and wellbeing of every individual is important so because they are been protected they are able to make their own decisions whilst been protected by a team. This is ensuring that nothing happens to them and that they are able to still things that they want but with help and support (Wyatt et, al 2017). “Abuse and neglect can occur anywhere: in your own home or a public place” (NHS 2018).

This means that abuse can happen anywhere so if there was an elderly person who had a disability and was weak they wouldn’t realise it was happening to them. Safeguarding vulnerable people is a benefit because they will be able to spot the signs and symptoms if it is happening to them. (Wyatt et, al 2017). Safeguarding teams are able to do investigations to see whether a vulnerable is in some sort of harm this is helpful because it’s ensuring they are safe wherever they go or where they are. D2Effective practice provides a good understand of the individuals issues. Effective practice supports the wellbeing of service users in relation to the title by the health and social care practitioner been able to understand and support the individual’s issues (Early Years Matters 2020). This links back to the title because is showing that the practitioner is supporting that persons needs and understand what is happening in order for them to be safe and protected. Having effective practice allows the workers to work better with the individuals and support them in ways which they need the support. Another effective practice which supports the health and wellbeing of users is to be treated equally and not be discriminated against.

This is important for vulnerable people because they might be discriminated against because of how they look, what they believe in and because they have illnesses. This supports the users because it’s ensuring that they don’t feel low and they are protected, using this effective practice will ensure that they are safe as well when accessing services (Nelson Thomas 2006). These two reasons supports the service users because it’s ensuring that they are safe and protected whilst accessing care and they are not at any harm. The people will be vulnerable and won’t be able to fend for themselves so having effective practice will ensure that they are able to feel comfortable and safe when going to services like doctors, hospitals and dentists. The health care professionals will support the vulnerable people in order to live a better and healthier life by encouraging them and protecting them. Another reason why effective practice is important to vulnerable people who access services is because the people are cared for in a way that will meet their needs and wishes and will also take into account their choices. This is important for the people who are accessing the service because even though there vulnerable professionals will still take into account what they want and need (Nelson Thomas 2006).

This supports the people’s health and wellbeing because the healthcare professionals will take into account what is best for the person and what they want as well. They will support the individual ensuring that they are safe and protected. “Promote healthy and inclusive communities and support appropriate health” this quote means that it helping people like vulnerable adults to ensure that they are getting the right treatment and care (GOV 2019). C1 A policy is a statement of which an organisation works. Workers have to follow the policies in order to safeguard service users .

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