SCIFI SUMMATIVE PROJECTWritten By Kai ZhengDuring the course of this unit we

SCI-FI SUMMATIVE PROJECTWritten By: Kai ZhengDuring the course of this unit, we had been reading through and analyzing 4 stories. Robot Dreams, The Veldt, Harrison Bergeron, and Super Toys Last All Summer Long. We were to analyze these stories ourselves in individual groups. Each group member were to have a different job per story. My job was to be the connecter of the story Super-Toys Last All Summer Long. The information that I have gathered are connections to the story. I made 2 text to text, a text to world, and a text to self connections with the story. If you want to know these connections, please don’t look away. I will explain what my text to world and text to text connections are since that I found them to be really useful for me to understand the story better. Two of my connections are one, the passage text that I had chosen is, “”Though three-quarters of the overcrowded world are starving

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