Secondly her moral values are intact after the tragic event which marks

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Secondly, her moral values are intact after the tragic event which marks her destiny. The author uses this example of the loss of a woman’s virginity to prove the error of social belief regarding the purity of a woman. According to Victorian values of the time, a woman who looses her virginity before marriage is considered impure. However, the purity of a woman resides in her character and not in chastity. Tess always shows resposibility towards her family and towards community. A couple of years succeeding the rape, Tess appears in the field, harvesting the crops alongside men and women in the village. She is one of the last who takes a break and during the repose she nurses her baby ,,Tess, with a curiously stealthy yet courageous movement, and with a still rising colour, unfastened her frock and began suckling the child’’ p90. Tess’ hard worknig side and comittement are not changed as a mother ,,Tess Durbeyfield had been one of the last to suspend her labours’’p90. From the beginning she is concerned with helping her mother with the housework and feels responsilbe for all her younger brothers p 23 Besides?. Several years after the rape, Tess sends money to her mother to repair the house, and when the father dies and her family is deprived of the house, Tess returns to Alec in order to provide shelter for her family. ,,My little sisters and brothers and my mother’s needs – they were the things you moved me by”p368. She renounces at her only financial income from Angel and at her loyal waiting for her husband, is ready to let herself live with the person who ruined her life in order to save her family from misery. Her own happiness is not as important as the good of the people she loves, her entire comittment, responsibility and loyalty for them being indisputably pure.