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Professional DevelopmentBamikole OlowoWalden UniversityNurs 6001, Section 5, Foundation of Graduate StudyDecember 3, 2016Professional PlanThe purpose of this paper is to describe my background, my education, and my current career so far. This paper will also show my personality, professional plan ,and personal goals for this course. My expectation is to complete and obtain my certification in Family Nurse Pratitioner at Walden University.My Background my name is Oluwatoyin Ojo, I am called “ Toyin” . I was born in Nigeria, migrate. to United States in 2007.Nursing has been my passionate profession since I was young. Upon my arrival to the United States, I started working as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Oklahoma University Hospital while going to school for my ADN program; working as a Nursing Tech at the hospital gave my more confident and passion for Nursing which is to provide a great care for people in needs. I obtained my first associate degree in Nursing from Oklahoma City Community College in 2012. I went Further to obtain my Bachelor degree in Nursing from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Currently, I work with Texas Health Hospital which is one of the best place to work in Texas , I work as a Float Nurse with experiences in Telemetry, Medi-Surg, ICU and emergency room. I have ACLS, BLS, EKG and NIHSS certification. Professional PlanMy Goal in life is to be the best person I can be in all areas of life. I have achieved this in my current nursing career by winning the Excellence in Nursing Award for my hospital. My intention is to take this excellence to the next level in the family nurse practitioner field. The way I intend to do this is the plan to participate in volunteer in free clinics in my community , participate in travelling medical services like doctors without border or faith-based mission trips. Earning my master’s degree, I will continue to provide higher level of care, apply my critical thinking skills to provide great care and support to the society. Furthering my education is the basic way to have the educational certification that I need and open ways for more learning opportunities. With the education, I can be able to get the necessary documentation from health agency and apply for grants if needed. Course OutcomeThis course has been a great class to restart my educational aspiration. My goal for this class is to improve my scholarly writing, develop my professional thinking and regain the skills needed to be a proficient online learner. The use of the Walden writing center is the main way I have used to ensure the improvement of my scholarly writing skills. The modules in the writing pages have helped. The use of the Walden library will help increase the professional thinking. The articles in the library help change my thinking skills from a regular nursing to a professional practitioner thinker. PracticumThe practicum is the clinical practice of the practitioner program. My goal in the practicum is to learn and ensure the necessary information to be an excellent Nurse Practitioner. I have spoken to two possible mentors in my vicinity about the process. I spoke to them when I got accepted into the program, a family doctor and a family nurse practitioner at a free clinic. My goal for the practicum is to look into ways to open a clinic in Africa or in the states and look for ways to volunteer with services like doctors without borders. To open a clinic in the unreached area will allow for a broader reach of healthcare, but to do this, I will need to have the documentation and certification. Nigeria is a country that respects educated persons. With my Masters degree, I could go into the necessary government office without jumping through many loops. Something else I want to accomplish is volunteering with the free health care services in my area. I want to focus on older people with chronic illness such as high blood pressure, diabetes and respiratory problems. I intend to provide education on how to manage this medical problems both naturally an medically. Conclusioneducation is the key to success, especially in a rapidly expanding, and scientifically inclined nation like ours, which has motivated me to make this decision of forwarding my education at Walden University. Every day is a learning experience. Going back to school is a new journey for me. It has taken me about seven years to start the program. I am looking forward to the adventure while been scared in anticipation of the next level. Walden has provided the tools and resources to complete the class. Resources such as frequent calls, writing center, an excellent library and student services. I can wait to see what this next this stage of my life will take.ReferenceWalden University. (2015). Walden University Writing Center. Retrieved from University. (2015). Student publications: Vision, mission, and goals. Retrieved from is the key to success, especially in a rapidly expanding, and scientifically inclined nation like ours, which has motivated me to make this decision of forwarding my education at Walden UniversityWalden University. (2015). Walden University Library. Retrieved from