Silverleaf Academy (003)

Table of Contents

Draft (zoom in)Hello everybody, can you see me, if so then continue to look at the draftPeopleGabriella Eva Noles, Oliver Antoniou, Ava Christie Clara Christie, Carla Simpson, Claire Timble TeachersMolly Smith – defence from evil, Allison Sparrow – flying, Evelynn Carter – nurse, Ginevra Turner – Potions, Rosa Blackburn – astrology, Jack Hunter – creature care, Bill Westford – transfiguration, Grace Thompson – head, James Wentworth – deputy, Rick Highford – history, Julie Stevens – charms, Marcie McKillop – herbology, Olivia Antoniou – languages, Prospero Carolinus – Fortune telling, Simon Kirk – Average subjects (he is normal), Madm Silencio – librarian.0-96069900164497317500The Magician and the Rising Pyramids28936717219700center14986000-613074430194By The PandicornsIllustrated by Angela Richard00By The PandicornsIllustrated by Angela Richardcenter-30670500DarknessShe stood there in complete darkness. Surrounded by a babble of voices. She could only see darkness, except for the occasional gloomy, sunken face looming out of the darkness. Then the babble stopped, leaving her in eerie silence. But, slowly growing volume, all the voices as one chanted her name over and over and over again. Just as the sound did, all the faces grew larger and clearer until she could see a whole crowd of people looming towards her, angry, empty. All of a sudden, the faces disappeared and colour began to fill in. What is this place she wondered as she began to look around. It was an empty room with dirty cream walls. There was a heavy sense of regret hanging in the air. The air was thick with an invisible grime and the metal floor looked rusty and used. There was a single empty, wooden, dirty, almost broken, tiny, plain chair bolted to the floor facing a barred window with multiple guards outside. Hanging from the roof was a simple old worn lightbulb with a small chain, the light it gave off was dim, so dim in fact that you couldn’t even see the corners of the room. The door was similar to the windows, it was iron and looking at it you just had the feeling that there were 200 locks on the other side. Then rustling came from a corner and she caught a glimpse of a chain being yanked out of sight. Mad laughter filled the room. Then a shadowy figure emerged from the corner. It was the man she least wanted to see right now . . .center-22860000Just a DreamGabriella Eva Noles woke up with a start. It was 11:20, or at least it was according to her clock (which wasn’t all that reliable). So, she walked out the the kitchen and checked the oven clock. It was 11:20. “What are you doing up at this hour?!!?” came an astonished voice, it belonged to Martha Noles (nèe Stone) or Gabriella’s mother. “I’m just collecting a glass of water, then I’ll go back to sleep.”Gabriella was not a normal person, despite she lived in a normal town surrounded by normal people, she was not normal. She was magical. In Seattle, and all towns in America, there is a magical community living amongst you, but you can only see it if you wear a special medallion otherwise it looks normal. Witches and wizards are given this medallion at birth so they will always see magic. But you don’t have to be a witch or wizard to do or see magic, you just need the medallion.When Gabriella woke up she woke up to a small round face. “Sienna! Get out of my face!!” “Fine.” Sienna walked out of the room, and Gabriella got up. As she walked down the stairs, Gabriella had forgotten the date, 23rd of November. She joined her family for breakfast with her four younger siblings (Amelia, Jack, Tom and Sienna) and her parents (Martha and Tony). “Why are you home today Dad?” she asked. “Well, I hoped I’d be able to come with you and help you buy books for school.” Madam Silenco the librarian greets us into the us and gives us a map and says this is an old map from when your grandfather was little. There is two parts. Part one is a star sign with 8 stars and part two is a picture of 7 local Pyramids. The star sign was Libra. The map sort of matches but one star didn’t have a Pyramid. They discovered the location of the missing pyramid.