Six of the most notorious female killers That they were thought to

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Six of the most notorious female killers. That they were thought to be less as a male serial killer but they were not they were just as the same. So of them was tough then a man did not care how they killed that just killing to be killing. From killing an innocent man to killing infant baby that did nothing to them. (Belmonte) Aileen Wuornos was born on February 29, 1956, in Rochester, Michigan. She was sexually abused by her parent and grandparent, she had a baby as a teen but her parent made her give it up for adoption and as a teen they throw her out she starts to do her own thing. She did not have known type of incidents with the law everything was wonderful. After her brother had died from cancer. She moves to Florida to work as a female prostitute. She was getting trouble with the police often for being a prostitute in Florida because it was again the law. She had a record for being arrest for illegal possession of a firearm, forgery, assault, robbery and being a prostitute. (Belmonte) In 1986 she meets Tyria Moore at a Bar in Florida. They begin to have a relationship but it did not last because Aileen when to jail. But when she got out her and Tyria they got back to gather. They start to steal to gathered and sell the items to a Florida pawnshop to get money. But during that time the police was an investigation and had discovered that the item that was at the local pawnshop in Florida where and had Aileen hand printer. It was from the six victims that she had killed the car. So the police had to track her down for the stolen item and ask her some question. But in 1990 the police had to trace Tyria Moore down because she was Aileen love and ask her to draw out a confession about Wuornos. (Jenkins, Aileen Wuornos American Serial Killer ) On October 9, 2002, Aileen she was convicted for seven of the murders and was carried out by lethal injection. From the murder that she did from 1989 to 1990 the bodies of seven middle age white men were discovered and Florida. She would shoot them and the head then still they money and the car. (Jenkins, Aileen Wuornos American Serial Killer ) The first victim that she had done was a man that owned a shop that was named Richard Mallory in 1989. He was only fifty-one-year-old white man that picked up a prostitute along Interstate 75 in Florida looking for a good time. A Volusia County policemen discovered the man body several miles away for his car. That Mallory was shot and several time and the chest. (Jenkins, Aileen Wuornos American Serial Killer )The second victim David Spear. He was forty-three year old and he a contraction worker. He was found June 1, 1990, in Citrus County. He had been shot six times and the torso. His car was gone but the police officer was not about to find the car at all. (Biography.comEditors)The third victim Charles Carskaddon was discovered a couple of day after Spear body was discovered. He was forty years old. He was discovered in Pasco County. He was working part-time at a rodeo. He has been shot nine times in the chest and the stomach. (Biography.comEditors)The fourth victim Troy Burress. He was fifty years old. He works as a salesman. He was reported missing on August 4, 1990, less than a week. Marion County law enforcement found his body. They could not recognize the body so the medical examiner was able to identify that was Troy Burress and the cause of death was two shot to the torso. (Biography.comEditors)The fifth victim Charles “Dick” Humphreys. He was a retired Air force major, police chief and child abuse investigator in Florida. He was found dead in Marion County on September 12, 1990. His body was found in fully clothed and had a lot of gunshots to the heat and in the torso. His car was later found in Suwannee Country. (Biography.comEditors)The sixth victim was Peter Siems. He was sixty- five year old. He was going to leave center Florida and heading to New Jersey in June 1990. His car was found in Orange Spring on July 4, 1990. His body has never been found but the witnesses describe the women near the car and it was Aileen and Tyria. (Biography.comEditors)The seventh victim was Walter Antonio. He was sixty-two year old. He was found November 19, 1990, in Dixie County. He was shot four times in the back and the head. His car was found five days later. (Biography.comEditors)The police traced down Aileen and Tyria for they fingerprinter and the palm prints was left and every victim car. Aileen was arrested at a bar in Port Orange in Florida and Tyria was found in Pennsylvania. So when the police tracked down Tyria she had made a deal with them to get and confession out of Aileen and that was she did Aileen said that she was responsible for all of the murder. (Biography.comEditors)Aileen told the police that the victim tried to rape her or they did rape her. But she was working as a prostitute at the same time and she said that she did for self- defense. But she was still convicted and sentenced to death for six of the murder. When she went to trial she had stated that she was raped by the victim that why she had killed them for self – defense. But later on in the statement, she said she just killed them. But on January 27, 1992, the jury had found Aileen guilty first-degree murder for Mallory case and the dealt penalty. Over some month has done when pass she had to plead guilty to the murder of the five other men she had killed and she has received a death sentence for all of them. On the other hand, she had pleaded guilty that she killed Seims to but his body was not about o recovered. On October 9, 2002, she was lethal injection at and he remains is buried in her home town. (Jenkins, Aileen Wuornos American Serial Killer )Judy Buenoano she had married James Goodyear. He was an Air Force sergeant at Vietnam veteran. Judy starts to give him a tiny amount of arsenic just enough where she it was not noticed that she was poisoning him. As she keep on give it to him so the poison starts to tear up James Body. He died on September 15, 1971. She had waited five days to get James insurance money and was worth $85,000. The police gad did some examiner and they had discovered that James had arsenic in his bloodstream and it was too much that would have killed twelve people. So in 1973, she had moved in with her new boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris. She started to give him arsenic poisoning as well. (McGehee)Her son Michael Goodyear had wanted to join the military just like his father. So he joined the army in June 1979, being after his basic training. When he had a new route post he had stop and visit his mother in Florida. When Judy had found out that her son was coming to visit her she start to but arsenic poison the food and they drink where he can get it. But the poisoning did not kill him it just paralyzed him. The Army physicians had found too much of arsenic in Michael Body but they could not reverse the poison out of his body. After six weeks of car bring to build up his muscle but it did not work because it was too much of arsenic poisoning in is a system. He has finally left the hospital wearing a brace and a device on his arms. When he was discharged from the Army and he was sent back to Judy care. Judy just took an insurance policy on her son. On May 13, 1981, Judy had taken her son on a trip to the canoe. They we to look around but when no one was there she had flipped her son over and left him there. She let her son drown and left and when to a beer bar. Couple day had when by her when to the military and when and got the insurance policy on her that was worth $120,000. (McGehee)On June 25, 1983, Judy has a boyfriend named John Gentry. She had taken them that she was pregnant for him and was so excited. But he did not know it was just a lie because he was not pregnant. She had but insurance on him. She tried to bomb his car he did not died but he was in bad shape. The homicide detective starts to investigate about what happen and he had discovered that Judy had taken $500,000 on John. When the police had talked to John he said he had remembered that Judy had given him some vitamins that make him very sick. She gave him several vitamins and that had revealed to doctor and the police to ruin test and it (McGehee)paraformaldehyde in his system. When she went to trial they had found her guilty for first-degree murder and theft. She did not admit that she did or nothing. They gave he they electric chair on March 30, 1998.Juana Barraza, she was a two nickname “Mataviejitas”, or “The little old lady killer”. She was a woman that was selling popcorn at a movies theater and she was a wrestler. In 2006 Juana had strangled a woman with a stethoscope. When she left the lady her roommate had found her she died. (McGehee)The police had picked up Juana for a question but they had already had known what she had did because they had found her fingerprinter at multiple crime scenes. But they still question her see what she was going to say. She had told them that she had strangled one lady.But the investigator had already known that she did more than that. (McGehee)When they took her to trail they had collected evidence. Where they use in the trail and Juana was charged with sixteen different murder but they know that she killed more than that. Juana still claimed that she only killed one person but she still was convicted and she was sentenced to seven hundred and fifty-nine year in prison. She still living today in prison. (McGehee)Jane Toppan she was a nurse that was training In Cambridge Hospital. The patient and the co-worker where they love so much where they gave her the nickname “Jolly Jane”. Jane had started to used guinea pigs for an experiment on the patient. She has the patient morphine where they began to become unconscious. She had a sexual relationship with the patient. The patient could not defend for their self. She admits that she was lying in the bed with her boyfriend and that he was going too died. They had kept her as a good person but they did not know that she was given the patient morphine had was making the patient unconscious. She had transferred to Massachusetts General Hospital in 1889. But when she had got there she had got fired in a year time and she went back to Cambridge Hospital. They let got her job back. But he MGH put her under scrutiny without her knowledge. She had got fired from Cambridge Hospital because she was caught red hand overdoing a patient. (Editors, Jane Toppan Biography )When Jane had got fired from Cambridge she started to a private nurse. She starts to give them morphine and she starts to have sexual relations with them when they were unconscious. In 1902 she had finally had got caught but the investigator but she had confessed that she had killed third-one people. But the investigator thinks that she had done more kills than that. When she went to court she had asked her lawyer to ask that she need to go to the crazy house because she had lost her mind. The judge had put her in Taunton Insane Hospital where she died at October 29, 1938, at the age 84. (Editors, Jane Toppan Biography )Gesche Gottfried she was and German Lady. She had murder fifteen people from 1813 through 1827. She had just rat arsenic where the mixture of rat and arsenic together that was called “mouse butter”. The victim that she would kill was her friend or family member. (Florida Execute ‘Black Widow’)They had called her the “Angel of Bremen” and “Pied Piper” because she would lure you to your death. She was the lasted person that they banish for Bremen. She was a woman that ambition and she would not let no one get and her way. She did not care if you were the parent, husband, children and etc. She did not care if you did get in the way she would slowly poison you until you had died. (Florida Execute ‘Black Widow’)Gesche had killed her victim that was her husband Johann Miltenberger, in 1813. Then she had married her second husband Michael Christoph Gottfried in 1915. During that time she had killed her parent and her children that she had by Miltenberger because she thought that they would get in her way with her new husband. (Florida Execute ‘Black Widow’)Gesche twin brother Johanna had when by his sister house and eat and she gave him his favorite dish and it had poison and he had died too. She had wad getting all of the property because she got everyone out of the way. But she did not know that the doctor was the investigator and all of the killings they had found arsenic that was a mixture with rat poisoning. She was arrested on all of the murder she was sentenced for three and later on she was beheaded on April 21, 1831. (Florida Execute ‘Black Widow’)Amelia Dyer her husband helped her to join a nursing training to be a nurse and that what she had done. When she had got her nursing degree and had started a “baby farming “place. Where pregnant women could coming and have their baby and if they did not want their baby she would be keeping them and take care of them. But on the other hand, she was not taking care of the baby she was murdering them and, drug, poison, and strangled them. She starts killing the baby because she wants to save some money. But when people and the law were noticing that a lot of kid was dying they start to investigate and they had found out that the death of the baby was increasing so they but she and jail for negligence and she was sentenced for six mounts in jail. (Editors, Amelia Dyer Biography)While she was in prison that Amelia was mentally she was showing sign of suicidal. She tried to kill herself twice, so they but her and in physical prison where she was getting help. When they release her for the physical prison she when back home and start back killing the baby and this time she was doing it carefully. Was going to through the baby in the river when she got throw killing the baby. She would kill the baby and strangle them and but white time around them. Back then they could not tell that the baby was murder or just died. But the local police officers had started to the investigation but it was no good evidence that she was killing the baby. But the police did not stop investigate they continued for two decades and they had found over three hundred died baby body that was found by the river. When the police had traced down Amelia she was immediately taken and to custody to be asking for some question. While and custody of the police she had confessed that she had did killed the baby and put tape around their necks and strangle them.It took just a six minted to say that she was guilty and she was hanging to her death because she had killed three hundred to four hundred babies. (Editors, Amelia Dyer Biography)Women that start too killed for now realize. Just start too killed because they just want to. They just want to be on top and not the bottom. From killing an innocent man to killing a small baby that can do nothing for their self.