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Social Media AssignmentBrianna Carney8654233Brenda PlantzNovember 1st, 2019In order to ensure Bryan uses Facebook appropriately and in a professional manner, he must obtain consent if he wishes to post things about his patients or pictures of his patients. According to the College of Nurses Practice Standard, “The Act also permits practitioners to disclose personal health information with obtaining consent in the following circumstances” (College of Nurses Ontario, [CNO] n.d). Another thing Bryan should keep in mind is when he is posting on Facebook, he should avoid the names and photos of his patients as this could breach confidentiality. Bryan can use his patients’ stories as a way to educate people online, however he must obtain consent and site his patients in the correct manner. Bryan should also consider changing the name of his patient in the story, but even if you change the name and take out the photo of your patient you still need consent and must site them (CNO n.d). Another thing Bryan should keep in mind is to keep the content of his posts, or when he responds to other posts, in a respectful manner by not posting threats, abuse, harassment or imitations that is directed towards anyone or in general (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, [RNAO] 2019). Another way Bryan can ensure he uses social media in a professional manner is by being diligent and separating opinions from facts, when writing his posts. Bryan should focus his posts on facts with cited sources to back up what he is saying (RNAO, 2019). Lastly, another precaution Bryan should take; in order to maintain his professionalism is to not accept a friend request from one of his patients, because it crosses a boundary of professionalism by entering a friendship or personal relationship with your patient, CNO states. By connecting on or corresponding over your personal social media account, you are crossing the boundary where the professional therapeutic nurse-client relationship changes to unprofessional and personal” (CNO, n.d). According to the code of ethics a therapeutic nurse patient relationship consists of, “A component of providing safe, compassionate, competent and ethical care is the nurse’s ability to build trustworthy relationships as the foundation of meaningful communication” (CNA, 2008, p. 8). Social media is an effective way of educating the public and the use of social media in todays society is rising. However, it is important as a nurse to understand how to use social media properly and in a professional manner. By taking these precautions and following these guidelines, you are ensuring the best outcomes of your social media platform. ReferencesCanadian Nurses Association. (2019). Vignette 2: Professional Boundaries. Retrieved October 28, 2019. From of Nurses. (2018). Should you accept a patient’s friend request on social media? Retrieved October 28, 2019. From Nurses of Ontario Association. (2019). Social Media Guidelines for Nurses. Retrieved October 28, 2019. From