St Marcus Schools is a standard private school established in 2014 and

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St. Marcus Schools is a standard private school established in 2014 and located in a well-populated residential area at Mbeya city in Mbeya region, United Republic of Tanzania. It is a standard private school that is composed of pre-primary (nursery through EA. I to EA. II), Primary (Standard One to standard Seven) and secondary (Form One to Form Four) education levels with intention of extending to Advanced level (Form Five & Six)St. Marcus Schools is a client-focused and result driven private school that provides broad-based learning approaches and experience at an affordable fee that won’t in any way put a hole in the pockets of our clients (students and parents alike). It is predominantly funded through tuition fees and levies from students and of course from other Owner’s private sources.It is founded by Hon. Philipo Mulugo (Member of Parliament of Tanzania by this time from SONGWE constituency) and his family. He is an educationist per excellence and he is a former Deputy minister of Education and Vocation training in the United Republic of Tanzania. Hon. Philipo Mulugo has both the academic qualifications and experience to run school that can favorably compete with other leading private schools not only in Mbeya Region, but also throughout the United Republic of TanzaniaThe introduction of this school was due to the need for a quality school with capability of providing educational services for a large number of pupils who missed quality education in Mbeya region and other parts of Tanzania.The sustainability of the project mainly depends on the fees collected from the students and pupils, loans from financial institutions and self-supportive projects by the owner. However, the great amount of the generated income usually spent in running the project and, the small surplus obtained (if any) is used in making minor development of the project