Student name Ebrima CamaraStudent ID 1011665Course name CMP102 Question ¬¬ 1Attempt count

Student name: Ebrima CamaraStudent ID: 1011665Course name: CMP102 Question: ¬¬ (1)Attempt count (1)As Salamu alyakum wa rahamullah wa barakatuh in the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful.Internet is an integral part of most students with more than 90 percent of students not only in advance countries, but to the lowest countries in Africa have access to the Internet. The world of paper and print is giving way to a digital world where everything is digitalized from whether text, graphics or sound. The digitized world being fast and current, the younger generation of today is moving faster than expected towards the digital way. Its sometimes difficult for older generations to adopt and appreciate just how quickly the world of young people are growing up today is being changed by technology. Older adults in their thirties and sixties came of age in an era where mobile phones are the sole preserve of bankers or wealthier estate agents, whilst the internet was an emerging novelty, slow and periodically accessible via dial-up modems accessed largely in institutions rather than the home. Life without internet seems as impossible as an era. Unlikely any previous generation in history as young people today have access to the sum of human knowledge and information just from a click of mouse, the internet has been bestowed with so many benefits. But as you know, nothing comes with benefits ‘only’. Everything has got its negative points, so the Internet has benefits and its negative side which are increasing relentless and also the internet is presenting new challenges for young students. Internet is one of the best inventions that could ever happen to the younger generation, and the important of the internet play a very important role in their lives. Youngsters engage in online activities not only on schools but outside school hours, young people use the Internet when searching for information and when completing tests, school works or assignments. they chat with friends, play online computer games informally, that’s in their own spare time. They can stay up to date with the latest news happening in the world, stay connected with the rest of the world, get knowledge about anything you can thought of and a lot of things can be done with the internet.Advantageinternet has unlimited useful methods for all age groups both old and young. In previous years, the internet was limited to business and scientific purposes, but in the past few years or so, the internet has become a popular tool for learning among students as well. There are various online platforms available on the internet where students can enrol not only to learn but can enjoy their time as well. Online education is becoming a trend among the students from all around the world, anyone can engage in any course of their chosen without even going to college. Big universities around the world have all come up with online graduate programs where students can pursue their education while doing full time or part time job. Many students don’t like doing research using the internet, the internet is an effective method of doing research when an assignment is given a lot of websites are out there, where students can gain a lot of information about various topics. The internet is very handy for student specially connecting with teachers, friends and love one’s on various networking platforms on the internet where by you can stay connected, moreover developers have come up with social networking platform dedicated to teachers and student.Disadvantages More and more people students are getting engulfed in virtual world and drifting far apart from their friends and family members. Even now a day child would prefer to play online games rather than out and mingling with other kids. This is likely to hamper a healthy social development in children. The health effect due to unnecessary and more Internet use are, Carpal Tunnel syndrome (pain, elbows and shoulders), dry eyes, backaches, severe headaches, eating irregularities, such as skipping meals failure to attend to personal hygiene, sleep disturbances etc. Internet addiction is another type of disease. Internet users suffering from internet addiction due to more and more internet use or unnecessarily excessive use of internet. Anyone can post anything, and much of it is garbage. A lot of wrong information been uploaded on the internet. It’s easy to waste a lot of time on the internet you can start browsing, before you realize more time has passed than you realized, to much internet can cause more sedentary lifestyle to students. Scammers have sprung up the internet to take advantage of the people, hackers can create viruses that can get into any computer and ruin valuable data, hackers can use the internet for identity theft.ConclusionThe internet is likely to become increasingly important in the future. As I tried to show, theonline and offline worlds inhabited by young people have already intricately together in ways which we never thought possible even a decade or so ago. We have been anticipating how this would change the way we live so dramatically and perhaps we could have done more of thinkingabout the effects we are facing now. Technology is advancing all the time at a rapid speed we have lots of opportunities ahead to consider how inventions emerging on the internet might affect the infants and children in our nurseries and schools in the near future. That way we can ensure we are better prepared to support our next generation of young people and the new challenges they likely might face.BibliographyBrändström, C. (2011). Using the Internet in Education. Dinesh, D. (2016). International Journal of Applied Research 2016. Khannanov, A. (2003). INTERNET IN EDUCATION. Mominó, J. M. (2005). Digital inequalities in children and young people:.

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