Sudan is one of the third world countries in need of

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Sudan is one of the third world countries in need of infrastructure , a country with a lot of conflicts and communities issues. The lack of good health and poor health services means that the situation affects everyone. Not only this but the cost of living in Sudan is high and as a result of this it made me realise that any act can be of help to people.As my parents got older they needed extra special care so i used to stay home and look after them. This made me realise that I can do more for my family and other people in the health and social care sector. When I first came to this country I knew the first thing I needed to do to achieve my career goal which is to work hard on my language and my communication skills. Other than attending ESOL classes, I have also volunteered to work with “Canopy ” to develop my communication skills which I believe is very important. After this I wanted to further my passion for working in a job that is around people. To do this i completed a social care course level one and two. While studying level one i have learnt to develop myself professionally. I have managed to do this by improving my communication skills. I also learnt the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.I enjoyed studying level two more than level one as studies were more developed specifically about the work environment and our role as carers. Level two included health and safety and how to safeguard the clients and make sure that they were always safe. I learnt to keep clients information confidential and i know what information was available to be shared and what had to be kept private.After I had completed the course I took a three-day training course to start working as a carer for Step Ahead home care to further my knowledge, passion and experience. I began to work with different people that all had different needs and disabilities. I found this experience slightly challenging at the start as the environment I was working in was new to me. Nonetheless, I found it extremely rewarding to be working with them.I found this experience extremely valuable of working with different people with different needs. I managed to develop on my skills, especially my communication skills. I learnt how to effectively talk to clients and to talk to them in a calm tone. Not only this, I also learnt how to be committed to my responsibilities and to put complete effort in my work. I was able to balance my work, studying and social life during this time, which i believe is a fundamental skill to have in the care sector. To further my skill set I have previously volunteered at the Sudanese community center. I helped in charity events and help to plan and organise activities and trips for children in the community. In my spare time I like to dance, sing and go to the gym. I feel as though this is a good way for me to express myself and to keep as fit as possible. Volunteering helps me to boost my confidence as I have to deal with people on a daily basis and confidently help them as much as possible. I have been able to meet new people and I believe that through this I have become a friendly person which is easily approachable. Through all my years of study I am rarely ever late to my lesson and have become a highly punctual person. I am rarely off work and studies and if i was off it was due to an immense illness. Upon my return after taking time off i have always made sure to catch up on anything that I have missed and that it was completed quickly. In Sudan i used to play in my volleyball team which allowed me to develop my teamwork skills. I worked well in my team to achieve our goal which was to win the tournament. I have always been someone which cares for other people and put in my complete effort into everything that I do.I have proven myself to be a dedicated, conscientious and ambitious student since my return to education and through my previous work experience. I have shown that I can gain knowledge and skills while also balancing the practical demands of study and family life. Moreover i have been able to portray my passion for the care sector through my work and actions. This ever growing passion of mine has inspired me throughout my study and employment years to achieve an undergraduate degree and reach my ultimate goal as being a nurse.Throughout my life I have always been around students which are from different parts of the world. This would allow me to gain knowledge and understanding of their backgrounds, tradition and culture. Being able to relate to people of different cultures can be slighting comforting at times for them.I am an enthusiastic person and is one which can take on any challenges head on. This skill is vital for students as university can become stressful at times. This course would help me to grow upon my interpersonal skills and allow me to develop on my englsih skills such as written.I aim that by the end of my university years and after gaining first hand experience through work placements, this course would allow me to pursue my future career plan of being an adult nurse. I would love to go into higher education as I believe that this is the next step for me to achieve my goal. I am looking forward to being a student at this university and its complete opportunities as it provides its students with valuable experiences through employability skills, guest speakers and work placements. I believe that my current skill set would give me the start that I need for university and would help me immensely in my studies.