Teaching and Learning Strategies1Introduction AIntroduction of nurses who are providing education is

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Teaching and Learning Strategies1.Introduction A.Introduction of nurses who are providing education is utilized to promote affective learning by creating an environment in which the pre-hospital personnel are comfortable with the nurses. 1. Introduce nurses by saying who they are and where they work. 2. Define Nurses level of education and qualifications for teaching. B. Introduce topic 1. Discuss the content introduction 2. Personal encounter 3. Describe learning outcomes2. Present the information A. Use PowerPoint presentation to provide visual learning to students.B. Provide handouts to students to allow them to have a visual learning aid and also have the ability to take notes on the handouts (Billings and Halstead, 2012).C. Inform personnel of the stages of burns1. Superficial 2. Partial Thickness a. Superficial Partial Thickness b. Deep Partial Thickness3. Full Thickness (Burn stages, 2016).D. Causes of burns 1. Electrical Burns 2. Thermal Burns 3. Chemical BurnsE. Determining size 1. Rule of Nines 2. Palmar Method (Giretzlehner, 2013)F. Treatment 1. Cleansing burns a. Rinse with clean water b. NEVER cold or ice water c. For chemical burns, rinse with copious amounts of water. 2. Dressing a. Sterile, dry dressing- preferably nonstick such as Telfa. b. Large dry sheet for larger surface areas c. No wet dressings 3. Pain management a. Analgesics can be administered as appropriate for your individual licensureb. Do Not apply ice to the burn 4. Fluid resuscitation a. Calculating fluid volume b. Compartment syndrome 5. Transfer a. Transfer to the closest appropriate facility (Vivo, 2016).3. Post lesson discussion A. Allow an opportunity for personnel to ask any questions.B. Promote cognitive learning by opening the floor for discussion about the information provided.C. Promote critical thinking by brainstorming ways in which care may vary in different situations a. Motor Vehicle Accident b. Structure fire4. AssessmentA. Provide survey to staff nurses to promote psychomotor learning and to facilitate lesson improvement (Billings and Halstead, 2012).