The 1920s was a time period called ‘AntiAmericanism’ France didn’t like the

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The 1920s was a time period called ‘Anti-Americanism’ France didn’t like the American culture and the power that the US had, France saw the US as a place that will replace their traditions with the power of Hollywood, and it threatened French culture and traditions. The most important event that happened for the US in this time period was prohibition. Prohibition was when the government banned all commercialised alcohol, but this didn’t stop anyone from drinking it just made getting alcohol harder to access, people went to a new place called a ‘peakeasies’ which was normally controlled by Gangs or Crime figures. law was changed to make alcohol legal again in 1933. And luckily for France they didn’t have to go through this law change. The thing France and the US both had was the different laws for women, after WWI more roles were needed such as teachers, secretaries and nurses. And when the first world war was over women continued to stay in the workforce, they also got political freedom, such as the 19th amendment which prohibits any US citizen to be denied the right to vote based on sex. The 1920s “was a decade of optimism, relative affluence and new directions” this is shown is many different ways such as women getting more rights and more freedom, new inventions such as the washing machine, mechanical refrigerator and televisions, also France had to recover from the war so they let in 2 million foreign workers while this was going on Paris was discovering new music new clothes and a new style called art deco. But there were downsides as well the prime minister at the time demanded to raise taxes to be able to repay debts from the attacks from Germany. In the US Radios were now used to listen in the live events such as Baseball’s World Series is broadcast on radio for the first time. Soldiers didn’t want to go home to the old traditions they wanted something new something inspiring for the rest of their life. Near the end of this decade US was strike with the great depression leaving most Americans in debt and suicidal because they couldn’t support their families, the great Depression affected France as well by leaving workers underpaid and that caused many workplace strikes causing many businesses bankrupt.