the company I recommend Pillo and Pria same name by BLACK+DECKER

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the company I recommend Pillo and Pria same name by BLACK+DECKER partnership’s Boston-based private company Health home robot suitability artificial intelligence, the absolute caregiver with a google search engine, fitness coach, nutritionist, nurse and sometimes become a doctor in one, it even recognizes people face and it can remind a person of their daily schedule, acquirements to entrust people together young and old but frequently old people monitoring them . can access services and connect you two doctors if you have questions. Pillo or Pria can connect you with healthcare or doctor in matter minutes so the person can comfort at home no more any waiting’s, get you to help right away if you really in sick or emergency, Only Pillo the smart robot can securely accumulate to like four weeks worth of vitamins and, Pria can understand, recognizes, also interacts with you, for intensity using the most recent invoice and facial recognition medications.Market penetration:after long research found out there are two prices for this productPria $749.99 for the product and a one-year subscription for usePillo is available online throughout Indiegogo where the lowest price it’s like $270 or more. You need to pay $399 or more for leaves up. Anyway, free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, and 1-year limited warranty. Also, Pillo’s health own websites they are selling it the price of the product is $499 alongside in one subscription plus a $39montly. Besides, for a high class or rich people. Although this may be true, the product is a pharmacy like an expensive luxury dreamy science-fiction-like. The product will ordinally be sold in the USA like New York, mostly. Canada, Japan, European countries, the Middle East, anyway the USA and UAE becoming very unhealthy countriesStrategical analytical:The recent stage life-cycle for this product is growth latest study concludes that the market for elderly monitoring products and services in the Smart Home and high levels of customer interest predicts steady growth over a five-year period as market forces and better-quality product offerings help to outgrowth adoption, By 2020, The companion robot market is expected to reach $34.1 billion and, specifically, the smart home elderly monitoring market is projected to grow 600 percent. (Nd 2019)