The familial roles in Romeo and Juliet can be seen as a

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The familial roles in Romeo and Juliet can be seen as a vital topic as it is the leading cause of Romeo and Juliets “death-mark’d love”, “death-mark’d” being the keyword. This determines the fate of their forbidden love and the power the ‘ancient grudge’ has between family relations. Romeo and Juliet overestimate their tenuous love and the combination of anger, detachment and fear within the family cause the ‘death-mark’d’ ending. I will be exploring the different ways in which conflict is presented and its effects through Juliet’s conflictual relations with her mother, father and her inner conflict.Being brought up by a wet nurse in the 12th century, Juliet and her mother’s relationship is very strained and detached. The confusing relationship causes miscommunication and. It can be asked if Juliet’s downfall could have been avoided with the support and trust of her mother. Lady Capulet brings up the marriage of Paris and Juliet, now married to Romeo, Juliet holds no loyalty towards her mother. “it is an honour that I dream not of.” This becomes a turning point of Juliet’s characteristics as she is not obeying her mother as she once always had done as she has become futile and In a very patriarchal society, men were able to hold power over women without the weight of morality as it was the way society was organized. This would cause tension between men and women as women were always expected to be subservient and conform to the expectations of men even in situations that the men had no role in. Juliet rebels against these expectations requesting not to marry Paris, Capulets sudden vulnerability causes him to lash out at his daughter by calling her insulting names like “disobedient wretch.” He calls her “young baggage”, using the metaphor of comparing her to “baggage” implies that she is an object to him and that he can easily abandon at any given moment. Capulets sudden turn on Juliet presents her importance to the family. She was simply there to raise the financial and social gain of the families name. This is revealed as his most pivotal concern over his daughter’s death is it has taken her virginity as he mournfully proclaims she was “deflowered” by death as this means Paris’s name will not play a part in the Capulet family. Romeos contrasting attitude towards Juliet perhaps made him a light in her life. The contrasting characteristics create very contrasting conclusions if it weren’t for the patriarchal century Romeo and Juliet was set in. Capulet portrays familial conflict Juliet’s inner conflict can be observed numerous times through the familial conflicts surrounding the death of her cousin Tybalt and the