The fastestgrowing job in the US is expected to grow 105 by

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The fastest-growing job in the US is expected to grow 105% by 2026 – here are the other 19 by Abigail HessCNBCMarch 6 2019 article speaks about how jobs are being taken by machines and how some people are wary. With this in mind we need to be careful of what jobs we pick before we go into them. Among this, the article pulls data from the bureau of labor stats and the median wage per year. This article lists the top twenty in reverse order ending with solar photovoltaic installers at $39,490 median pay. There really isn’t much to get from this article except for information of what jobs you should consider. This document doesn’t change my career plans in the slightest.The events relate by showing potential career choices. They relate to our class by being our next assignment and grabbing close to random data. I think this information is helpful to those who value money or whose jobs are among the list. The article is valuable, but the 20 order is odd.2Here are the 15 jobs disappearing the fastest in the US by Kerri Anne RuzulliCNBC… againApril 28 2019 article lists jobs that are likely to lose workers or lay them off. Jobs that are among this list are either mindless, inefficient, or obsolete. The jobs that are mindless can be done by a robot, and jobs like telephone operators aren’t exactly useful anymore. Jobs like metal casting can be done by a robot, and jobs like data-entry keyers are just inefficient. With the money the companies that have people in these occupations can replace the people, and while some may find that heartless, that’s the way it is. The article displays what jobs not to consider, or you’re a fool to do so. These jobs are going to decline (most likely) for whatever reason, but they’re probably being replaced by robots. Our advancement in technology is a blessing to most, but a curse to some in that it takes their jobs. All that being said, replacing is outweighed by the benefits of replacement than that of one life.3Most Common Jobs in America by Angela UnderwoodStackerSeptember 16, 2019 article lists the jobs that are the most popular in America. Among them is bartender, cashier, teachers of different kinds, nurses of different kinds, and much more. As these jobs are the most popular, they probably have a wide variety to choose from and a lot of options. They can afford to be picky, so you have to be one of the first applying or one of the better ones. Surprisingly, the most popular job is “Retail Salesperson”, but it’s less surprising that “Waiters/Waitresses” are among the top. This list is more helpful than the other (in my opinion) because these are the jobs I hear about. So, to know what the average pay per hour and annual wage is very helpful.This article relates almost directly to the other two, but it’s scanning a different area. These are the most popular jobs, the jobs I (at least) hear about and know about. The only thing I don’t hear is what the average pay is, and whether or not I have a shot at that job or if I should try another. I’m glad this article scans a wide-variety also.