The good guy

I was heading back from school abroad to mainland china to visit my family for the holidays. It is the summer and I could feel the heat baking my face as soon as I left the airport. There were a lot of taxis waiting to pick people up. I didn’t have a lot of luggage just a bag with a day’s change of clothing. I got in and told the driver I had to get into the city. The drive was about 30-45 minutes depending on traffic.​Hong Kong is exactly like it was when I left 8 years ago. It’s as busy as New York City where I went to school all these years. I missed my family. It is my first time coming back in so long. I miss my Ma and my siblings. After the taxi dropped me off at my destination, I got my entry visa and still had time to to spare. I brought some breakfast and waited at the bus stop to get picked up.​When my bus arrived, everyone else that were taking the bus also boarded. We were waiting for the bus driver and a few other passengers. When I finally got comfortable at my seat, my phone rings.​”Hello mom?””””Son

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