The history of nursing since the beginning of humanity has been based

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The history of nursing, since the beginning of humanity, has been based on the care of others. Demonstrating over the years, a re-countable evolutionary development based on science and aimed at holistic care. Where nurses dedicated in this field, have contributed to the development of new concepts or conceptual frameworks, where these have been formed nursing theories, paradigms and metaparadigms, designing care for the patient, as well as the prevention and promotion of Bless you. Given to the contribution of these nurses such as; Peplau, Orem, Roger, Roy. Newman and many other important theorizers, today I can define nursing as, the science and the art of being able to apply care skills, which is aimed at the individual, family and community. Infirmary should be based on a valuation system, in which problems and situations inherent to the individual, family and community can be identified. It must be directed to take the individual to total self-care, taking into account a progressive and evolutionary process. The infirmary is autonomous and cooperates in correlation with other disciplines to provide and provide full care to the individual at all stages of human development. As we study the evolutionary process of nursing, we can see that this science, nowadays, has become an advanced practice, where to practice in the United States, as well as in the vast majority of the world, it is necessary university studies, where they start from the degrees of Associates, Baccalaureates, Masters and doctoral studies. So much has evolved the profession of the nurse as science, that nowadays there are roles of advanced practice. These consist of nurse Anesthetists, nurse-Midwives, Clinical nurse specialists, nurse Practitioners. In the United States, to practice advanced nursing practice, it is necessary to complete advanced courses in pharmacology, pathophysiology and physical assessment. In turn, the professional must be licensed and certified.From the 19th century to the present, the practice advances in these four roles was highlighted, in the area of anesthesia, during American Civil War, World War I, and World War II. This role was highlighted until 1930s where it was established that the practice of nurse anesthesia was legal and within the scope of nursing practice, as long as it was done under the guidance and supervision of physician. Nurse-Midwives entered United States through slave trade or European immigration 18th and 19th centuries when Midwives assisted women in childbirth. Late 19th and 20th centuries: childbirth became “medicalized”” in hospital delivery rooms. These role continue in Evolution that in 1971 American Association of Nurse Midwives