the immune system so therefore some adverse reactions may be expected However

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the immune system, so therefore some adverse reactions may be expected. However, most of the reactions are mild and transient. On the other hand, many vaccine preventable diseases symptoms can be serious or even deadly. According to the CDC the side effects of vaccines are almost always mild, “such as redness and swelling where at the injection site, and the symptoms go away within a few days”. Other potential side effects include fever, headache, nausea, muscle aches and tiredness. Serious side effects after vaccination, such as severe allergic reaction is very rare. People should look at the issue as a “philosophical view that the right action in any circumstance is the one that produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people” (Taliaferro and Lindahl-Urben 70). If people did what was best for the greater good, then disease would not be on the rise again. The controversy regarding autism and vaccines is a sensitive subject, however it is a serious debate. As it is the parent’s responsibility to protect their child/children from harm and illness. It is also the parent’s responsibility to teach their child to be good citizens and to think of the consequences before doing something. Parents are also supposed to teach their children to care for those around them. Parents are generally their children’s role model. Therefore, if a parent was not to get vaccinated, then the child would more than likely not be either. It seems that some parents are uneducated about immunizations and the benefits of them. Just like mentioned above the problem is society believes what they hear without getting the facts first. Despite the scientific research and the recommendation from their “trusted” pediatrician, parents still continue to not vaccinate their children. It does not matter what really causes autism, because people will find something to blame it on. Parents do not want to believe it could be from genes, or something that could have caused it in the womb, because then they think they could be they reason. After all, if vaccines caused autism would everyone have it?Furthermore, parents are failing their moral duty by not vaccinating their children. “If you fail to do your moral duty, there will be negative consequences that affect you, directly, or indirectly” (Layman 197).The consequence of not vaccinating can lead to an outbreak of diseases. Just look at the 2015 MMR case in Walt Disneyland. It all started when a 11-year-old boy, who was not vaccinated was hospitalized after going to Walt Disneyland. Many scientists for disease control believe that this outbreak started from a traveler who became infected overseas with measles, then visited the amusement park while being infectious. Scientist also showed that the measles virus type in this outbreak was identical to the large outbreak in the Philippines in 2014. The CBS news reported that out “of the 20 people infected by the current outbreak, at least 15 were not vaccinated”. There was a case of Ebola in the United States in 2014, in which a man was traveling from Africa to the U.S. Eleven people were treated for Ebola in the United States between 2014-2016 epidemic. The man that was first confirmed with it, died a week after being diagnosed, however the two nurses who cared for him recovered. About a week after that, seven more people who volunteered in West Africa were diagnosed with Ebola and were transported to a U.S hospital. In which one of the patients died from it. That is the reason why it is mandatory for military families to be vaccinated. If they were not vaccinated, they would be more prone to get the diseases from other countries and bring them to the United States. Overall, vaccinations are a massive improvement accomplished by mankind and it should not be over looked. These simple injections have the potential to save thousands of lives every single year and make the world a safer place to be in. Vaccinations are able to create an environment where children are not vulnerable to diseases. That would have taken the lives of many in the past century. Children can now blossom to their full potential. It is important that vaccines are required because children are the future and protecting the future of humanity should be the prime concern of the people today. Not rather if vaccines can cause autism, because there are scientific facts that show there is no relation between autism and vaccinations. Vaccines may cost quite a bit of money and there may be some side effects, but the side effects are minimal compared to the benefits of vaccines. However, the chance should not be taken since there are human lives on the line, practically humanities future.