The Johari window is a useful method used to help people better

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The Johari window is a useful method used to help people better comprehend their relationship with themselves. For my Johari window, I chose my parents and my good friend because they have known me all my life, so they are accustomed to my habits and personality. The issues that I struggle most with are timidity, expressiveness, and anxiety. Because of these challenges, it is a struggle for me to be bold and confident. Being self-aware of my weaknesses will help me confront them, which will benefit me in the future as a nurse. I chose timidity because I have always been very timid. As a child, it was quite hard for me to make friends because I was scared of being judged or pushed out. It was also difficult for me to do various activities my mom put me in, like being a ballerina or playing the violin, because I lacked confidence. As a nurse, one of my roles is to be caring, so working on my timidity will help me learn effective communication skills so that my patients can feel involved and cared for. That’s why it is important for me to work through my timidity and become less tense: this way I can build a professional relationship with my patients in the future. According to (Vilhauer, 2016), “One way to reduce timidity is to spend more time thinking about what you could do to make the situation a success.” so to help with my timidity I could try to think more positively and not looking at situations in a pessimistic way. Expressiveness is one of my biggest weaknesses because it is difficult for me to convey my thoughts and emotions. I can get very detached in situations I do not feel comfortable in, so I think that learning how to improve the way I express myself or articulate my thoughts will help me succeed in my career as a nurse. Making different acquaintances every day will also allow me to express myself and practice talking to a variety of people. Being in a lab class has also helped me learn how to talk to patients and express myself in an appropriate manner. Lastly, I chose anxiety because it plays a big part in being self-aware, and I’d like to overcome this weakness. Having anxiety prevents me from becoming confident and a better version of myself. I tend to overthink and panic if I feel overwhelmed. Growing up in Haiti, where anxiety is not talked about as it is looked down upon, I never took it seriously because I feared to be judged. I try to inform myself about anxiety every day and learn how to deal with it. My parents have always encouraged me to become self-aware of my anxiety and tried to push me out of my comfort zone. According to (Hughes, 2017, p.3), “anxiety is a state of mind so instead of worrying about what’s going to happen, reel yourself back to the present.” I think trying to focus on the present and not panic about the past will help me with my anxiety. In Conclusion, I have chosen these three issues because I deal with them every day. Doing the Johari window exercise has allowed me to re-evaluate myself and learn about my habits and weaknesses. Going into nursing will be challenging for me, so facing these issues head-on and learning how to address them will help me deal with a variety of problems as a nurse.