The leader in my life that I would do something if that

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The leader in my life that I would do something if that person asked me is Lorena Lacerna, she was a co-worker of mine when I worked in Saudi Arabia. I would do it because I felt that during those times that I was lost and did not know what to do back then she was there to guide me and helped me through those times, in work and in my personal life. I trusted her and I know that she will always protect me, we’ve been working together for 5 years and that’s how I know that she was a leader for me.In leading and managing the next generation of nurses I think that by exploring their strengths and weaknesses first can help me determine what action or plan I need to take to have a better result for their growth as new nurses. Everyone is different but I think that if we encourage them and boost up their confidence it would be more effective. An effective leader for me requires a good communication and listening skills, for me communication plays a vital role to be an effective leader, not only you need to communicate things to have a better understanding but you need to also listen to others and have an open mind to have a good relationship with the team. A leader also needs to have a lot of patience because not everybody is already better at what they are doing, some still needs a little push to hone their skills and improve their work. He/ she must also have the determination and passion so that the members will see through him the enthusiasm to reach their goal. An effective manager for me is being able to effectively work with others as a member of the team. Pushing them to be successful and achieve the goals of the team. He should also possess a good decision making skills and provide instructions that is not confusing. He should also be accountable and honest in every decision he makes.