The ocean stirs the heart inspire the imagination and brings eternal joy

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The ocean stirs the heart, inspire the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul but we do not realize that world’s oceans these days face serious threats like habitat degradation, overexploitation of living marine resources, pollution and climate change impacts. All people include Royal Malaysian Navy should play their role in supporting the government’s aspiration towards marine conservation. If we mentioned the name of Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), the things that come across people mind would be RMN should protect the country, make sure our country is saved but, not many people know that RMN also can play role in conserving our marine biodiversity and ecosystem. In 2003, a new building had been built in Pulau Indah, Klang Selangor for National Hydrographic Centre (PHN) that belongs to RMN. PHN is a center under the administration of RMN which provide accurate hydrographic information for marine navigation, national development, country safety and many more. In other words, in RMN they are the center that has the knowledge about the marine ecosystem. In 2009 a hydrographic boat, KD Perantau that belongs to PHN together with Oceanographic Institution (INOS) had joined an expedition, “Ekspedisi Pelayaran Saintifik Perdana (EPSP’09)” at Sulu’s Ocean and Sulawesi’s Ocean. That was the first time