the power of one: harriet tubman

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Ever wondered how living life as enslaved being was. Well you shouldn’t wonder; we are so lucky that we have rights that weren’t even considered back in the day. I don’t think any of us realize how lucky we are we take everything for granted but we don’t even appreciate the people who got us our rights, these people risked everything just to make sure we won’t have to suffer the same consequences they went through. slavery is by far one of the most heartbreaking and disgusting topics to talk about, just imagine all your freedom and rights being taken away all based off your appearance. Slavery is a massive part of American history that unfortunately had to affect so many innocent lives in a quiet traumatizing way, but not all hope is lost for this remarkable individual. At age 27 she was able to escape through the underground railroad and was brave enough to return over 13 times to help lead her loved ones into freedom. Any ideas on who this is? Well the hero I’m about to talk about who no doubt changed American history is none other than Harriet Tubman. Tubman was born into slavery sometime in the 1820s, nobody knows the exact date of her birth as they believed the birth of an enslaved being wasn’t worth remembering, though Harriet herself justified that she was born in 1825 however there is no proven evidence to find the date her birth took place on. As for her childhood she didn’t really have one. Harriet was occupied with her first job at only age 5! She was given a baby to look after, and if the baby screamed or cried Tubman would get badly abused. The scars that journeyed onto Harriet’s body remained with her for the rest of her life. Like I said earlier Tubman was only FIVE when she was occupied with this job, as you would probably know five-year-old need a lot of attention this is not my opinion its common sense. Harriet herself was not even a matured kid and she was already looking after a baby when she’s the one who needed to be looked after. Obviously, she had no control over if the baby made even the slightest bit of noise, and yet she still got beat. As she grew older, she was hired for many different jobs I can’t list them all, but as soon as the civil war established, she was hired to work for the union army. During this period, she worked as a cook, a nurse and even a spy.