The purposed surveys were conducted under walk in tunnel constructed by iron

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The purposed surveys were conducted under walk in tunnel constructed by iron pipes covered with colour shaded net at the Horticulture Department, PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi in 2018-2019. Seeds of carnation plants were purchased from a reliable nursery with 95% germination rate and sown in multiple tray. Sprinkler Irrigation was done at regular intervals in order to get moist and healthy saplings. Polyethylene bags were filled with four combinations of media silt, silt + FYM, silt + leaf compost, silt + leaf compost and silt + farmyard manure + leaf compost. The combination was made by 1:1:1 for proper growing medium. Transplanting of saplings was done at the 4-leaf stage in polythene bags with intensive care to prevent damage to the stem and roots of the plants. During transplanting apply Redomil gold fungicide at the plants’ root zone to avoid fungal diseases. The process of transplanting was done in the evening to reduce water loss due to evaporation. Carnation plants were sown in polythene bags (6 X 9 inches). The bags were irrigated, when necessary and remove weeds as emerge. There were 12 treatments designed 50% shading of green and 50% of blue nets and control conditions. Each net contained 60 carnation plants sown in four different combinations of media (Plate: 3.1 a, b). Regular cultural practices were done including watering, hoeing and weeding. Marked each treatment with tags to make physical comparison easily. Staking was done to avoid bending of the stem and thread were used to tie the plants with bamboo sticks. To keep them upright plants were loosely tied from the base and the middle of the stem (Plate: 3.2). The experiments were laid out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 5 replicates. The treatments were made as given in (Table 3.1). (a) (b)Figure: 3.1 (a) Transplanting, (b) Covering the tunnel with blue and green shadesFigure: 3.2 staking of carnation plantsTable 3.1: TreatmentsT0 Open Condition + SiltT1 Open Condition + Silt+ Farm yard manureT2 Open Condition + Silt+Leaf manureT3 Open Condition + Silt+Leaf manure+Farm yard manureT4 Green Net + SiltT5 Green Net+ Silt+ Farm yard manureT6 Green Net+ Silt+Leaf manureT7 Green Net+ Silt+Leaf manure+Farm yard manureT8 Blue Net+ SiltT9 Blue Net+ Silt+ Farm yard manureT10 Blue Net+ Silt+Leaf manureT11 Blue Net+ Silt+Leaf manure+Farm yard manure