The Queen of the planet represents man in a prefallen world She

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The Queen of the planet represents man in a pre-fallen world. She represents Eve in her innocence. Ransom makes her aware of things on Earth such as sin and death and she feels as though she is getting older. For example she says “I was young yesterday… When I laughed at you. Now I know that people in your world don’t like to be laughed at.” She refers to getting older many times as Ransom teachers her about Earth. For example when he explains to her that Earth doesn’t have a thick atmosphere or “roof,” she says, “I am older now. Your world has no roof. You look right out into the high place and see the great dance with your own eyes. You live always in that terror and that delight, and what we must only believe you can behold. Is not this a wonderful invention of Maleldil’s? When I was young I could imagine no beauty but this of our own world. But He can think of all, and all different.” She also has a very close relationship with Maleldil. Ransom asks her how she knows certain things and she responds by saying that Maleldil tells her. Weston is the antagonist in the story. He starts off as a normal person but quickly turns into a devil like creature. He represents the serpent in the story of Adam and Eve and his goal is to try to bring about the fall of Perelandra by tempting the Lady/Queen who lives there. Weston is first described as being not human anymore when his “body did not reach its squatting position by the normal movements of a man: it was more as if some external force manoeuvred it into the right position and then let it drop. It was impossible to point to any particular motion which was definitely non-human. Ransom had the sense of watching an imitation of living motions which had been very well studied and was technically correct: but somehow it lacked the master touch. And he was chilled with an inarticulate, night-nursery horror of the thing he had to deal with — the managed corpse, the bogey, the Un-man.” The un-man slowly becomes more devil-like starting off by trying to tempt her, but later in the story he begins to kill animals on Perelandra for no reason. He also tries to wear down Ransom by keeping him awake all night.