The results of the employee job satisfaction and their performance shows that

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The results of the employee job satisfaction and their performance shows that employee were satisfied and they were happy with their performance.Most of the employee were FemaleMost of employee were in the age between 36-4569% of employee’s marital status is married38% of employees are under graduatesOut of 50 respondents 30 – 40 employee were satisfied in their performanceSome of the criteria were shown below in the data analysisQuestionnaire based upon their Job satisfaction% analysisSuitability and Interest in the Job7.09%Ability to improve skill and knowledge from my job6.91%Requirement of physical efforts and previous experience to do my job6.57%Importance given to my ideas to do things better6.71%Respect and encouragement given for my efforts6.22%Mutual Co-operation among people in the organisation6.74%Way of listening to the suggestions made by employees6.66%Care taken in the appreciation of good work done6.48%Non-threatening way of communicating the weaknesses of the employees6.34%Free of expression of problems in free and informal atmosphere6.63%Availability of pleasant physical environment6.57%Comfort ability of the working hours6.77%Comfort ability to work under the existing environment6.91%Provision of sanitary facilities available6.71%TABLE 2.1 Percentage analysis on employee who are satisfied on their Job satisfaction 5.2 SuggestionsIf possible the management can implement the following suggestions:⮚ Some of the employees are not happy with the working hours so the management need to analyze their situation and make changes accordingly with respect to the shift timings.⮚ Assigning heavy work load will reduce the working motive of the employees so the management has to allocate reasonable work according to the capacity of the employees⮚ Allow employees to shape their own roles⮚ Conduct training and development frequently⮚ Employee absenteeism should be monitored carefully⮚ Provide a positive working environment⮚ 360˚ performance should be done⮚ Employee should be trained in other various activities⮚ Employee evaluation should be done frequently⮚ There should be a hike in salary when performance is seen⮚ Collection of feedback after important and quality of work done5.3 ConclusionOverall, this research using sophisticated analytical methods gives a mixture of clear answers and further questions. Clear answers include those that suggest staff experience is clearly linked to outcomes, especially intermediate outcomes such as absenteeism. Building on previous research, since the data were collected from the senior manager and high professionals, the attrition rate will be low and as we discussed in the before we can retain the employee will their good job satisfaction and their performanceCHAPTER 66.1 BibliographyPatterson, Bettina K (2018), NURSES’ PERCEPTIONS OF ONBOARDING AND ORIENTATION: TRAINING SATISFACTION AND JOB SATISFACTIONPublished ETD Collection,, Relation between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance in Healthcare Services/Ch.Platis, Procedia – Social and Behavioral SciencesAn explorative study, Abdulwahab S. Bin Shmailan, Business Management and Economics Vol.4 (1), pp. 1-8, January 2016, attitudes and job satisfaction, Lise M. Saari Timothy A. 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Verburg, Ann-Marie Nienaber, Rosalind H. Searle, Antoinette Weibel, Deanne N. Den Hartog, Deborah E. Rupp, First Published August 31, 2017, and Volume: 43 issue:CHAPTER 7Annexure7.1 QUESTIONNAIRE1. Gender □ Male □ Female2. Age□ Less than 30 □ 31-40 □ 41-50 □ Above 503. Education Level□ Diploma/School □ Under Graduate □ Post Graduate4. Category of Employee □ Permanent employee □ Probationer employee □ Part time employee □ Others5. Monthly Income level (Rs) □ Less than 20,000 □ 20,001 to 30,000 □ 30,001 to 40,000 □ Above 40,0006. Work Experience □ Less than 10 years □ 10 to 20 years □ above 20 years7. What is your designation/Job title?8. NATURE OF WORK8.1 Suitability and Interest in the Job8.2 Ability to improve skill and knowledge from my job8.3 Requirement of physical efforts and previous experience to do my job8.4 Importance given to my ideas to do things better8.5 Respect and encouragement given for my efforts9 INTER- PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP9.1 Mutual Co-operation among people in the organization9.2 Way of listening to the suggestions made by employees9.3 Care taken in the appreciation of good work done9.4 Non-threatening way of communicating the weaknesses of the employees9.5 Free of expression of problems in free and informal atmosphere10 WORK ENVIRONMENT10.1 Availability of pleasant physical environment10.2 Comfort ability of the working hours10.3 Comfort ability to work under the existing environment10.4 Provision of sanitary facilities available10.5 Functioning of the canteen and effects to prevent distraction in the organizationKnow about your performance11. Is there a performance appraisal system in your organization?Yes or No12. Do you have a pay for your performance?Yes or No13. Do you receive constructive feedback from your manager?Yes or No14. How much time did the performance appraisal is done?YearlyMonthlyWeekly15. Does your performance appraisal helps to win co-operation and team work between employees?Yes or No17. Does your performance helps your career to move towards to your goal?Yes or No18. Does your performance help the company goal to achieve?Yes or No19. Does your performance helps to identify your strength and weakness?Yes or No20. Do you find any difficulties in achieving your career goals?Yes or No21. Are you satisfied with your performance?Yes or No