The transition from student nurse to becoming a registrant is not only

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The transition from student nurse to becoming a registrant is not only challenging and stressful but it can also be a valuable experience that can shape a nurse to become a safe and confident practitioner. (Kaihlanen, Lakanmaa and Salminen, 2013) states that newly registered nurses generally experience feelings of self-doubt, responsibilities , fear , excitement apprehension , lack of confidence in their abilities to carry out their duties once they are qualified. Newly registered nurses need to know that it is perfectly fine for them to address their concerns and voice out their worries to other members of the health care team , without feeling that the older more experienced nurses expect them to know everything at once and thus feeling incompetent . (Pearson, 2009) it is for this reason that newly qualified nurses need to have an efficient support system as they progress towards professional development / growth. The NMC code of conduct (2018) states that ‘ we exist to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the public’. This is important in all practice and also when looking at the challenges teaching colleagues are faced with. The vital need of to be accountable ‘for’ and keeping your knowledge and skills update to date through continuing professional development is important. Those already on the register and those aspiring to join the register must know that this is a commitment of registration. The person providing the teacher must be up to date this also applies to the person being taught , they have the responsibility to attend and learn. In order to facilitate this the environment in which the learning is taking place should promote education and the material taught should be relevant and useful. Individuals receiving training will assessed based on their understanding and competence in order to proceed with new skills learnt and achieve the required learning outcomes and proficiencies. (Peate, 2006)