There is a big gap between the poor and the rich the

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There is a big gap between the poor and the rich, the poor make up a large proportion of the world’s population, and the rest of the population has everything they need and more. Also.To begin with .The difference between the poor and the rich is money-based but extends to education, health and a decent life as well. Wealthy families Rich families live in large and comfortable housing, some of their homes are larger than hotels, and within them they have everything human imagines, the average number of family members is three or four children, and in many rich families parents are too busy to provide care For their children, they should ask other people to take care of them, so that parents provide a special nanny at home or nursery to take care of them, while the nanny and children spend most of the day in the nursery, and children can only see their parents maybe once a day, and the nanny is the one who does everything Wash their clothes, feed them, You play with them and teach them how to behave, and children are lucky to have this person to care for themNext .Parents also usually have a servant to do the housework and whatever they ask for, often a poor person from the countryside, and when a poor person gets a job like this, that job has saved his life, the rich get a well-paid job and get a good place To live, with food and clothing, and so the rich live a good life.Thirdly .the Poor families live in the streets or in small houses with one or two rooms. Houses are built so that they are close to each other. There are no windows in the front of the house, so the houses look very miserable, with no backyard and no toilets inside. The toilet is outside and the whole street is a place for toilets. Their homes are often located near factories where people work. Their families are large, and they have nothing more than they wear.To conclude. The poor have no one to teach or take care of, they have to spend most of their time working hard for a small amount of money to feed themselves.This is all they have in their lives, and sometimes they are forced to work too hard to take leave if they are sick. Work does not want his production at work to fall below the level achieved by his ambitions, and if one of the poor workers decided to be absent from work despite his master will not get what is left of his low salary, and he will not be able to return to work again.