There is a number of people in the US that have power

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There is a number of people in the US that have power in america, because they are successful with good paying jobs like lawyers, nurses, big businesses, or lawmakers. Beginning in 1946, The Baby Boom generation starts it ends in 1964. In this time, 76 million babies were conceived. When World War II ended in 1945, soldiers returned home from war wanted nothing more than a wife, a family, and a job to support them. These soldiers quickly set about to achieve this goal. There were 76,000,000 born during that time. 10,643,238 soldiers came home after the war to go to their wives and families to actually start their own families. They thought about their futures and went on to have kids with their wives. This resulted in the generation known as the Baby Boomers. Never before in the history of America have so many babies been born in such a short time. Big families were very popular during this era, and most couples wanted at least three children. According to an article I read, by the time 2030 comes, there will be more than 20% of the United States on Medicare because at that time, the percentage of the enrollees will increase by a long shot. People in today’s society are mostly successful, but they probably wouldn’t be without the help of the baby boomers because they made a huge impact by starting businesses, and making new things so that people today could be affluent. Baby boomers have changed the world since they’ve all been born. They were the ones that protect gay people, colored people, and protected women rights. They also protected businesses and jobs, and without them, many businesses would suffer from profit fails. They also helped with politics because majority of them are politics. Not only are their numbers enormous, but their cultural, political and social reach is unprecedented. They’ve changed our views on issues as profound as sexuality, aging and parenting. And as more and more move into retirement, they’ll form a group of older people that’s larger than any this country has experienced. The Baby boom affected the American Society in the 1950’s because it helped with the contribution to economic prosperity, by families building new homes for the family that were expanding. When the new babies were born, more jobs, including doctors, newer and bigger houses, more food, more clothes, and bigger cars were needed. So basically they were the reason that they were all provided. According to Ezequiel Silva III, the increasing number of people reaching adulthood resulted in a larger than ever number of people needing jobs. Industry took advantage of the increasing availability of workers by building more factories to produce more consumer goods. Everyday, when new baby boomers turn 65, they become eligible for medicare and on top of that they represent the largest population of america. Baby boomers helped with debts, by giving them more debts. According to Dave Bernard, people saved up money for purchases, while baby boomers used credit cards in droves. The baby boomers “believe it is harder to get ahead than it was ten years ago, Pew found.” Also, they think that their overall quality of life as lower than other generations.