Throughout my entire life education has been one of the foremost important

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Throughout my entire life, education has been one of the foremost important things and a privilege to have. When I was little, people asked me what I wanted to become when I grew up and I would say something like pilot, an interior designer, etc. – unsure of what I was longing to do. However, as I began to grow as a young adult and through my work experience, I became more passionate about helping people to live a healthy life. Therefore, I chose Pharmacy as my career where I could be easily accessible to people regarding any healthcare needs. After choosing Pharmacy as my career, my manager at work and few relatives began to inquire what will I do with that degree? That’s when I started to scratch my head before answering them. Although I will graduate with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, I do not want to be a pharmacist that is just counting the pills behind the counter and delivering it to the patients, I wanted to deliver patient-centered quality healthcare not only by pharmacists but also other inter-disciplinary professionals such as physicians, nurses and staff members. Healthcare Management will support my passion by providing me fundamental and managerial tools to understand and improve process of care giving. By learning more about healthcare management, I will be able to apply the business knowledge and skills to efficiently deliver quality healthcare. Although I need ambition and hard-work to set me apart from others, I also have to be willing to take charge to get the job done. My Pharmacy degree will help me achieve my ambition to help people with healthy life, but the additional training in Healthcare Management will help me achieve my passion of getting the job done and delivering quality healthcare from all aspects of the healthcare facility