Title Various measures and policies to support female employees particularly mothers to

Title: Various measures and policies to support female employees particularly mothers to maintain a work-life balance in Japan. ContentIntroductionSocial Challenges for working mothers to keep a work life balance The overall picture of work life balance policies in JapanProposals for further reformsConclusionReferencesIntroduction As every single of our presence is an integral part of our society where we live and develop, we all should appreciate our family especially our mothers who make a big contribution for society by giving a birth to children and by raising children. Undoubtedly the desire for the golden middle, as the most favorable and harmonious state, is the goal of every woman. Engage in their own development, grow as a professional and earn well, while being a caring mother and a loving wife – this is the position that allows a woman to take place in all spheres. Since the beginning of the twentieth century workforce of females increased from only 1.878 in 1965 grew rapidly and reached 2.729 in 2014 (numbers are given in 10.000 person %). If earlier only a man earned money in the family, then now the woman has the opportunity to work as well and receive salaries. Thus, a woman became less and less dependent on a man, and as a result, now we are faced with such a problem that a woman has to make a choice between a family and a career. For many women, work is a part of life, and there are women who no longer know how to “sit”” at home and raise children

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