Table of Contents

The IC3 certification is a test on basic computer skills to promote success in school and career pathways and to provide a global standard. This test has three main objectives; computing fundamentals, living online, and key applications. This test demonstrates and proves digital literacy, and as the use and knowledge of technology advances, so does this certification. The IC3 certification correlates well with the class, considering the overview of the textbook is to introduce basic computer skills and concepts and how they relate to everyday living such as; career choices, school, social issues, etc.. The topic that I think will be the most beneficial for me to learn about is, System Software: The operating system, Utility Programs, and File Management. File management is a topic that really stuck out to me. I currently work in an office and we are just now switching from paper files to strictly online files, which is a struggle for me, considering I have never had to truly develop the skill of online file management. Not only would learning the skill of online file management be useful in my current job, it will also be useful in my future career path as technology has become integrated in every aspect of life. I also believe being able to properly and efficiently use software programs is a good tool not only for future careers, but also for day to day technology use. As I have close family and friends that are nurses at a local clinic, I know they frequently switch software programs, and with my hopes to become a Registered Nurse in the near future, being able to efficiently use and adapt to new programs is a skill that I know will be necessary. Questions I have that this class may be able to answer are: How to know what software programs are best for the company? How to know if the program is working correctly or not? What are the best/most efficient ways to organize files? How can I properly protect my devices? The answers to these questions seem to be integrated throughout the book, however by simply scanning through the table of contents I can see that the answers will most likely be in chapters five, six and nine. These questions correlate with some of IC3 objectives such as; security and computer software architecture, which are objectives under computing fundamentals. My goal for this class to develop skills needed for the IC3 certification, I believe I know and can demonstrate the skills and concepts under the living online objective, however I have a lot to learn about computer fundamentals and key applications. I am looking forward to learning more about daily technology use and technology in the workplace, as I hope to become more digitally literate.