To evaluate my own knowledge performances and understanding I must first reflect

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To evaluate my own knowledge, performances and understanding I must first reflect on the work I do and the way I do it. Once I have identified this, I can look at the more beneficial way of working; for example, under the Standard 8, of National Minimum Standards: one morning at work I noticed spilled tea on the floor and assumed my work colleague that was there at the time was aware of it and would clean it up. However, after reflecting on this I can see I shouldn’t assume anything and as soon as noticed it should have been cleaned up to ensure no accident happens. Under the Standard 9, of National Minimum Standards: Very busy day at work, new admission coming to the home and I have been given a task to get the individuals care plan sorted and be ready for when she will be arriving. As I sit in the staff office with mountain of papers of medical history, family connections and other sensitive information my colleague calls me for help. I rush of and leave the system on computer open and logged in and papers everywhere for everyone to see. But when I reflect on this I should have logged out of the system and collect all the paperwork and put it away where its appropriate before leaving to help my colleague. And finally, under the Standard 6, of National Minimum Standards: A resident with depression and anxiety on daily basis with the past of self-harming has shown new skin tears and bruising on different parts of the body. After letting the nurses know about it, they suspected that it’s the resident harming itself once again, no investigation is done, and no questions asked. When reflecting on this I should have never ignore nurses’ action as no one was there to see exactly what happened. I should have approached the resident and offer my support and listen to the individual and what it has to say. Manager should have been informed urgently and matters should have been taken further.