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MODUL: MPU3313 (HEALTH AND WELLNESS) TOPIC 1Differentiate between health and wellness.On a simplistic level, health is a basic combination of physical, mental and social well-being in which all the parts of the body perform its vital function normally and it is free from physical disease or illness. Whereas, the word ‘wellness” is the state of being in optimal mental and physical health as a result of complex interaction between a person and the environment in 8 dimension such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, social, occupational and environmental that enhance the quality of life and maximize personal potential. Compare the healthy versus unhealthy lifestyle practices depicted in the video above.After watching this 47 seconds video, I can come to a conclusion where people in video A are aware of personal limitations to health and practising healthy lifestyle whereas people in video B are not aware of personal limitation and making unconscious choices which lead to unhealthy lifestyle. Video A: – In this video, healthy lifestyle are practised since childhood. As I can see, the boy wakes up early as 7am in the morning to start his daily routine. He looks fresh and active. After wash up, he took well balanced breakfast which includes milk, bread and fruits. Milk is rich in calcium which is needed by the body for building bone mass, whereas bread is rich in carbohydrates which is a source of energy for daily living while fruits are rich in fibre which needed by the body for elimination process.While in adolescence age, he commits in physical fitness activity such as playing basketball which keeps him fit and improve his cardiorespiratory system thus he is able to build self-esteem while building a good relationship with his friends. In adulthood age, he maintains a positive relationship among his working mate and able to deal well with stressful situation while eating well nourishing diet such as fruits which is rich in fibre to maintain ideal weight.Furthermore, as he grown and become old, he is able to do light activities independently such as cycling and brisk walking to keep him fit, healthy and free from illness. Moreover, he practises a good communication with his family hence they live in a harmonious and healthy environment.Video B: – In this video, unhealthy lifestyle are practised since childhood. As I can see, the boy wakes up late and tends to be tired and sleepless. After wash up, he took unbalanced breakfast which includes burger, chips and carbonated drinks which lead to obesity and arteriosclerosis. While in adolescence age, he plays videogame to spend his time and does not commits into physical activity. He became social isolate person who does not have self-esteem and have negative relationship between friends. In adulthood age, he failed in building and understanding workmates feeling and always looked stress. Furthermore, he took sweet desserts to overcome the stress which in future can contribute to obesity and diabetes mellitus.Moreover, as he grown and become old, he is not able to do physical activities and become dependent to others. As he practices unhealthy lifestyle since childhood, his body become more prone to diseases and he end up being hospitalized and nursed as he could not do his daily activities independently. As we highlight his interpersonal wellness, he failed to create effective communication between his families as his life is spent over in hospital. The family bonding time is diminished hence suffering and pain ruled his life.Discuss initiatives that will improve the quality of an individual’s health and wellness. Managing stress – Learn to recognize causes of stress and how to control stress in order to have a positive outlook.Managing communication – Build good communication between family and friends. Spend quality time and build trust on them.Exercise – Practice physical fitness activities thrice a week in order to protect against premature death and delay the onset of chronic diseases.Dietary Habit – Maintaining well balanced diet according to portions of foods prevent obesity among Malaysians and chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus.Relaxation – This therapy usually promote good mental health by preventing from unnecessary stress.Time Management – Is a process of organizing, scheduling and planning how to divide time between specific activities.