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SWOCC CIS 120MemoTo: Diana SchabFrom: Toni CastellanosDate:January 9, 2020Re: How can this course be beneficial to you?Ms Schab,This class can be beneficial to me because I am currently working, as well as getting my degree in the medical industry. & everything is moving towards computers, from having nursing charts & medical history on computers to even how we operate on patients now. For all of my charting at my current job as a CNA2, I do everything on the computer – from sending their vitals over the WiFi that is connected from the vitals chart we use to the charting system we use, to charting any ADLs {activities of daily living} to their I’s & O’s {their input & output}. Charting & reporting are vital sources for the health & wellbeing of all my patients – but it’s also a way to note what I have & have not done in terms of care. Something I keep hearing from other nurses & aids is ‘if it isn’t charted, then it wasn’t done,’ – not if’s, or but’s about it. So, learning different ways to communicate that is instrumental to not only my career but keeping my license for nursing.Not charting or reporting adequately could result in catastrophic consequences – to the point of death & not being able to practice medicine again. So, I need to know how to navigate through not only a computer in its everyday usage; but to also be self-sufficient in how to correctly format & correlate documentation in a professional matter. Plus, in a worst-case scenario I might have to do a clarity on a coworker or a doctor for malpractice & if I have to site my finding I want to make sure I am using reliable resources/websites.To recap, this course will be beneficial for me because it will show/teach me new & correct ways to communicate in profession matter.Toni P. Castellanos