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Identical twins, 1 in 250 births. My sister Adele and I are identical twins. So I guess in a way you could say I live with a reflection? 28th of January 2004, Adele and I where born. Eight minutes apart. From that day on we have been practically inseparable, we do almost everything together. We were in the same class the whole way through primary and only got split up going into high school but even now we are in a lot of each others classes. I feel bad for some of the teachers who have to deal with both of us. Throughout primary everyone would ask “how do we tell them apart?” and “is there were any differences?” Which there are. I’ve got a small freckle on my upper lip were as Adele does not. In nursery, my mum would put different colour ribbon in our hair so the teachers could tell us apart. Also in baby photos my mum would try to keep me on the left hand side and dressed me mainly in the colours lemon and lilac. Being an identical twin people always get our names mixed up, which is reasonable considering we look exactly alike. It doesn’t really bother Adele or I when someone calls us the wrong name, we have learned to answer to any name. What bothers us is when people ask if it’s annoying being addressed by the wrong name. That question makes my blood boil. Or another question is when people ask “are you twins?” Like duh. Yet I have learned to just smile and answer with yes, were as Adele gives a more sarcastic comment and gives a blunt no. My favourite question is when people ask “what is it like being a twin?” Going into high school we got that question a lot and it really made me think. I don’t know what its like to not have a twin and therefore could not compare it to anything and could not give an answer. Lots of people ask if our family can tell us apart, [most of them can.] One of the funniest things is if Adele and I are going somewhere and we are in the car with my aunt we will take turns going in the front, and she never knows which one of us are in the front and she always gets confused.Being a twin I don’t think twice about it. I’ll sometimes look at Adele and think we look exactly like each other, but that thought doesn’t often cross my mind, I love being a twin. I’d feel like something was missing otherwise. I often wonder if other people think about it more, I wonder when we are in classes what thoughts cross peoples minds or do they just not acknowledge it. All our friends can tell us apart and when anyone asks how they tell us apart they always say that we look nothing like each other, on which I have to agree. So when we started to dress different a lot of people could tell us apart easier and stared to see more differences. Adele and I hated dressing the same therefore as soon as we got to a certain age we said to our mum we didn’t want to dress the same. It was quite difficult though as we both liked the same clothes but, we wouldn’t wear them at them the same time, so our mum would refuse to buy two of the same item. This worked out better for Adele and I as we would get more clothes but my poor mum would loose money. We would be fine at the time but then if I wanted to wear a top that was new Adele would say she wanted to wear it as well, which would start World War 3. Even now our style is similar, so normally I’m stealing Adele’s clothes, starting another war. I think as Adele and I have got older we have really changed and we now don’t look like each other. I also think that because my mum dressed us the same as children we looked the exact same most of our childhood.Arguments occurred more when we were younger it’s just in the past year we have begun to fight less and agree more making us a tighter unit. Don’t get me wrong when we argue it’s only on a specific difference on opinion and not on silly things. Every week or two we have a big argument which ends in us not talking to each other for an hour or two then normally we apologise and make up. I prefer when Adele and I don’t argue. We try not to argue in front of our friends or family because it puts them in an awkward position, [ more our friends than family. ] They would have to choose what twin they will go and sit with, because we normally go into our own rooms after a fight to calm down. The most annoying arguments are when we are dancing. We are duet partners so we have to make a hip-hop dance up together which always looks good when we get it done and compete or preform it. But it’s when making the dance up the difficultly comes in because we are so honest with each other we can get a bit merciless at times, normally ending up with me being upset. If I suggest a dance move and Adele doesn’t like it she usually draws me a dirty look and scowls at me. Adele normally makes most of the moves up and i’ll voice my opinion, [ most the time when not asked for.] We always work it out, coming up with a dance that is like rain falling, effortless. She is my mirror image with makes it even more spectacular.In conclusion, I love being a twin. If I’m ever upset I know I have someone to turn to or if I have good news I have someone to go to and tell. Through every obvious question I know I will have someone to give a sarcastic answer with me. Adele is the other side to my coin. She is my rock and I don’t know where I would be without her.