UNIT 111

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Learning Activities:What is due process? In your own institution/organization what are the steps that your nursing service administrator or nurse manager does in hearing employee concerns or complaints?It is means a persons’ basic legal rights to life, liberty and property that the law requires to protect individual from injustice /impartiality.It legally deals with every employee or worker to be informed of his performance, regardless of evaluation outcome, or needing self-development, equal opportunities to employment improvement, to appeal, entitlement of honest judgement according to organization established applicable rules and procedures. This is to protect individual for fair trial, safeguarding his right of fair treatment before impartial hearing.Our organization has established policies and procedure to guide staff or employees regarding management of complaints, grievances, bullying and other work related concerns, and these are incorporated from entry level to the organization during staff orientation program.When a complaint is made, electronic OVA reporting system is utilized in our organization, in protecting healthcare workers right and be given an opportunity to explain his side, keeping track of the incident or complaint, and reports forwarded to risk management department. This is then categorized if no harm, near miss, minor or harm been identifiedeither conflict between nurses,supervisors, patients and family, visitors or other work related issues.The first step is to resolve within unit level. My direct supervisor which is my head nurse will acknowledge the concern, demonstrate empathy, give verbal explanation, reassurance, attempt to solve the problem,address our concerns and shall be dealt in respectful way. The risk management team collaborates with the head nurse and concerned staff or the investigation. Discussion on ways to resolve the issue is through open, fair, without bias and based on reasonable consideration of all the supported evidences, guided by applicable rules/procedure of our hospital. If the employee is satisfied with the resolution outcome, then the case shall be considered closed. The written complaint report then kept in concerned staff personal file, available in the unit, stating closure summary. If employee complaints are not resolve within unit level, then it shall be escalated to next chain of command, thus arranging meeting with Director of Nursing, with our head nurse and concerned staff. The investigation shall be processed, confidentiality adhered; actions should be clear to concerned staff,decision is made and if no improvement after given allotted time, formal written report forwarded to next chain of command for further action through representation of HR department.In your own opinion, in terms of staff retention, what do you think are the factors that can best motivate the nurse’s to stay longer in the workplace? Explain.Workplace that promotes nurses’ well-being, treating them with respect and dignity, free from bullying and discrimination, good camaraderie, strong team working, recognition of hard work, upholding culture of safety in place of diversity, access to career opportunities, self-development, enhancing skills and knowledge, professional growth through scheduled plan of training, educational programs, listening & responding to their concerns, addressing problems, just remuneration, benefits, increments,incentives, respecting their days off,overtime,vacation period in accordance with the set rules and regulations by the organization are essential reasons to keep them motivated to stay longer.Healthier environment that exercise a safe, caring, and collaborative approach in delivering safe patient centered care, guided by standard clinical practice, policies and procedures, clear understanding of the job description, performance improvement ,evaluation and appraisal, promotion opportunities, staffing issues, patient-nurse ratio, to avoid stress and burn out, utilization of on call duty roster to fill the gap of staffing shortages, regulated working hours based on approved laws and regulation by the organization. Availability of professional help when need arises for the purpose of employees healthy coping and well-being, hearing the voice of frontline nurses as proactive participant of change and improvement, engaging staff in satisfaction surveys which are annually done, to point where the organization shall review its low level of service and to work on how it would meet its employees satisfaction. Regular unit walk in rounds by Director of Nursing on how the unit and staff doing, in order to identify issues that are actionable, and the nurse leadership shall facilitate such development to promote healthier nursing workforce.In terms of training and development, what job enrichment program are offered in your hospital or in your workplace? Explain each program & discuss how these programs helped in your personal and professional growth and development.1. General Nursing Orientation Program This program is developed for newly hired nurses regardless of nationality, must undergo a week of orientation, to receive consistent information on organizational policies, procedures, standards that support practice and familiarize them with vision, mission, values, and goals, JCI standards in delivering a most effective compassionate and safest care. It helps learners integrate knowledge with relevant clinical situations. Communication skills also are being integrated due to cultural diversity. It provides staff familiarization on what to expect thru his job description, unit specific skills checklist, infection control practices, basic life support, fire and safety in the workplace, environmental safety with regards to facility work hazards, emergency plan evacuation , electronic patient data documentation, to ensure safe patient care, and shall be facilitated through their designated nurse manager with a 3 months initial training under direct supervision of his preceptor, till skills checklist has been completed and staff can function independently. It enhances my confidence, develop clinical competence and be adjusted to work environment and build a trusting relationship among colleagues. It also improve my critical thinking skills that are vital in sound clinical decision making.2. Nursing Midwifery Education and Research (Staff Development) The educational plan and courses offered including workshops, training, or any related nursing courses that continually support nurse’s professional development and fulfill each clinical specialty’s, understanding research program in integrating knowledge, skills, clinical competence through evidence based decision-making, thus contribute to highest delivery of quality care. Upon completion of my course, it made me more motivated to learn, boost my confidence in dealing with unit issues as charge duty nurse, and finding sound decision making in managing difficult patients.3. Nursing Informatics In digital world, and advance technology nursing science are being integrated to multiple information and facilitated by the nursing informatics team which give opportunities to nurses to advance their specialty and be fit in digitalized environment. This development support the practice of nursing, other allied health care providers in electronic documentation, computerized tracking of patients, workflow, communication, reducing medication errors, nurse education and research are important improvements in nursing practice, and patient care outcomes. To sum it up, it makes me competitive and works efficiently and thus challenge my competence in computerized era.4. QCHP (Qatar Council of Healthcare Practitioners) This pertains to healthcare practitioner to legally practice his specialty after meeting the requirements of the council and obtained the license. In our organization, you cannot commence work if license is not renewed and continuing educating training points and life support courses certificates were expired. On line courses or blended learning from approved websites gives credit to my reflective learning and enhance my skills,& knowledge, finding new things that relevant to my practice, incorporate to unit based education activities through case presentation, or journal club discussion. Interactive learning is some way develop my confidence in speaking, sharing ideas and be proud of the achievements. 4. Based on your own experiences, give At least 2 situations encountered in the work place related to grievances or conflict that happened. A) Between you and your colleagues or unit heads/supervisor My head nurse is well organized and meticulous when it comes to patient care environment. During the unit preparation in the upcoming JCI visit to our hospital accreditation, the tension, and pressure is really unpredictable. Multiple leaders rounds, memos, and policies revised are being implemented right away, to meet the requirements, checking of all patient detailed documentations, reading ,reviewing JCI standards and practice, this become the cause of our heated argument, and leads to our conflict. Our work must be patient care focus, priority and safety shall come first than paper works. If any discrepancies found during the preparation, this could be corrected as long as our patient is free from harm, staff education and reminders has give its way to improvement process. Since I have unexpected raise of my voice it become imminent of disrespect way of talking. She’s my head nurse, my direct supervisor, this could not be happening if we mellowed ourselves and talk it in constructive way. B) Between you and your patients or their families. We have a very difficult patient and families are too demanding for private room, despite my explanation that we are in the situation of bed crisis. Sometimes in my whole career in nursing it really challenge my tolerance and become a sacrifice in order to earn for a family. This notion makes me feel very low in my profession. He’s family is screaming in my face, claiming of their right to demand because of birth country and privileges as a citizen. How were you able to settle the issues or problem?(A) She gave me a written warning letter attached to my personal file for the whole year and reflected too in my evaluation. That moment I wrote an action plan, acknowledge my weakness and apologized to her. That issue was not escalated because we resolve the issue within our unit level.(B) I stand with my decision and called the attention of security and on call supervisor. He was pacified, after all. I filed electronic OVA reporting, regarding that incident, mentioning the attitude problem of the patient and relatives with explanation letter addressed to risk management department. Explain briefly the grievance and disciplinary procedures that are implemented in your work place. We have various HR policies/procedure in managing cases of bullying, harassment at workplace, grievance procedure, and clinical policy in management of patients/family complaints for reference.The electronic OVA is to be made in both cases, employees are encourage to seek resolution, keeping track of the record of incident details and if there was a witness to the offence. Making it clear that the effect of behavior is not acceptable and has to stop. If the grievance cannot be resolved a written formal grievance through channel of command, and the investigation proceedings shall be handled fairly, and be dealt confidential. If the case reached its satisfying resolution the case shall be stop, and disciplinary procedure must in line with applicable laws of HR.But if the case is not resolve a written report to summarize the issue must be file through HR department.