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Introduction The first rule of medicine is to do no harm, but how practical is nonmaleficence in modern medicine? Being in the most innovated time ever with technology and medicine that grows daily, vaccines are being held on the four fronts. Now is a time of a movement, with many believing that vaccines do not contribute to beneficence. At the top of the concern, relative autism caused by vaccination injuries seem to be the highest issue of many parents, and doctors at that. Autism Spectrum Disorder is to be originated by two main diagnostic criteria. Autism is broad range of conditions including impairments in social interaction and developmental disabilities. A spectrum is used to classify a set of values. In this case, autism can be classified ranging from mild to severe cases. Are mandatory vaccinations as beneficial to modern medicine as it seems? The rising rates of autism have parents questioning and searching for the answers for the sake of their children’s health.Details Behind the DiseaseAutism is a known to be genetic neurological brain damage. However, parents want to know is autism as hereditary as it is conveyed to be. The causes of autism diverge from genetic disorders to environmental factors. Autism is thought of as a genetic disorder such as Cystic Fibrosis or Sickle Cell Anemia. Once you are born with these diseases, there is no cure. Do genetics alone explain the disease? Genetics do not change but the environment does. Individuals diagnosed with Autism experience nonverbal and hostile behavior, but they also tend to have conditions such as: allergies, gut distress, poor sleep, malnutrition, sensory issues, and seizures. Why is Autism at an unsurpassed high, specifically in the United States? Why has the number risen drastically from the mid 1900’s? In 1970, there were only one in ten thousand children diagnosed with Autism. In 1985, one in every 2,500 kids diagnosed. 1995, one in five hundred diagnosed. 2001, one in 250 diagnosed. Every year increasing drastically. As of 2018, one child out of every thirty-six were diagnosed with Autism. At the rate that Autism is climbing, by the year 2030 every one out of three boys will be diagnosed with Autism. Why are these numbers climbing? The only other thing rising along-side with this diagnosis of Autism, is America’s vaccine schedule. (“Vaccines and the Latest Autism Prevalence Report””