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VSIM 2-Ms. CopperBronson Brown UMSON CNLNURS. 501  Name (Generic)/Trade MOA Indication of Use SE/Drug Interactions Nursing Considerations Patient Education (Nitroglycerin)Nitrostat It is converted into nitric oxide (NO) in smooth muscle and activates guanylyl cyclase, thereby increasing cGMP concentration, and resulting in smooth muscle relaxation. It’s a vasodilator drug used for the treatment of chest pain and high blood pressure. Side effects include headache, weakness, dizziness, and nausea.DI: Do not take if you are taking the following drugs: avanafil, riociguat, sildenafil. Obtain the baseline data on the location and frequency of the anginal pain. Use with caution in hypotensive patients and those taking blood pressure-lowering medications. This includes daily exercise and smoking cessation. Avoid Alcohol. Do not swallow tab. Put between cheek or lip. Always check the date on the label. (Morphine) Statex Binds to opiate receptors in the CNS and changes the perceptionof and response to painful stimuli while producingCNS depression resulting in the decrease of the severity of pain. Managementof moderate to severe chronic pain in patient. Also used with Pulmonary edema and pain associatedwith MI. SE: Significant respiratorydepression (Acute or severebronchial asthma)DI: Use with extreme caution in patientsreceiving MAO inhibitors Assess level of consciousness, BP,pulse, and respirations before and periodically duringadministration Warning: Prolonged use may lead to physical and psychologicaldependence and tolerance. May cause drowsiness or dizziness. avoid concurrent use of alcohol.(Aspirin) Bayer Aspirin(Lehne & Lehne, 2018) Suppresses platelet aggregation by causing irreversible inhibition of cyclooxygenase which is an enzyme required by platelets to Synthesize TXA Used to reduce fever and relieve mild to moderate pain from conditions such as muscle aches and headaches. It may also be used to reduce pain and swelling and used to prevent MI SE: Risk of GI bleeding hemorrhagic stroke, and rental impairment. DI: taken with warfarin, it can reduce the drug’s anticoagulant effects and increase the risk of bleeding Assess patient for signs of bleeding. Advise patient to avoid alcohol and to not crush or chew. Notify the prescriber if gastric irritation is severe or persistent. (Clopidogrel)Plavix Inhibits platelet aggregation by irreversibly inhibitingthe binding of ATP to platelet receptors. Used to reduce atherosclerotic eventsin patients at risk for and includingrecent MI, acute coronary syndrome stroke, or peripheral vascular disease. SE: These can include depression, dizziness, fatigue, headache.DI: Aspirin, warfarin, rivaroxaban Assess patient for symptoms of stroke, peripheralvascular disease, or MI periodically during therapy. Instruct patient to take medication exactly as directed.To take missed doses as soon as possible unlessalmost time for the next dose; do not double doses.(Fondaparinux) Arixtra(“Davis’s Drug Guide Online + App | DrugGuide.com””

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