We are living in a world where our ancestors would not even

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We are living in a world where our ancestors would not even dream of living in. How could they even imagine that everyone would be carrying around a mini computer in their pockets? Today, technology has become an important part of our lives and I think it’s safe to say that humans won’t be able to survive without it. From the simplest to the most complicated tasks, we humans believe that computers and machines are a necessity. What do you think will happen, if one day, these machines are not available to us anymore? Will we still be able to do our daily tasks?What is computer? What is computer? It is a programmable machine or any device which aids the humans in performing various activities, like calculations or computations. The word “computer” does not mean only laptop and desktop computer, the smart phone that you have in your hand is a computer, the tablet on your desk is a computer. One of the main different between human and computers is, it can do multi-tasking. Functions of computers are unlimited, however there are 4 basic functions, input, processing, storage and output. Let’s look at the history of computer- the first computer was invented in 1622, today’s modern machine was invented in between 1833-1871 and it was conceived and designed by British mathematician Charles Babbage.Computers taking over the worldThe main utilization of computers is the internet. What once was the trend for telephones and telegrams, has become internet’s. Literally, computers taking over the world. The development of the computer were initially on military purpose, however the internet grew up to become commercialized. The internet made communication around the world possible. The best example of communication tools is social media. Today illions of people use computers with the internet every day. Computers are substantial things, which are proficient for our everyday life however they create a unquestionable distraction which just overpowers our will to stay away from the computer. In our modern day world, computers are absolutely essential and all around us, at work, at schools, even at home. It is illogical to run away from these devices and we’ve become so dependent on it that we just can’t do things on our own now. For instance, student was doing some homework and couldn’t figure out the answer, instead of trying to understand the problem or asking a peer for help, he search in Google and find the answer. This will lead to diminish our independent thinking and will remain with us until we learn become less dependent on the computers. Have you ever been a room with 5 people, and yet no one is talking? Everyone is so busy with playing their smart phones even though it look depression atmosphere. This is the truth about almost in all houses. Including the time they spend with their parents. Especially in dinner table, teens does not even realize it is act of disrespect. Everyone is constantly on their phones, and do not even think about to leave it. When Its at 10% battery life , someone will shout out “OH NO WHERES MY CHARGER I GOTTA CHARGE MY PHONE ITS GOING TO DIE””. We are so obsessed with our phones. Without it we can’t even live for single day