We live in a society where men are seemingly at the top

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We live in a society where men are seemingly at the top of the hierarchy,To quote Maya Angelou “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes” Men And women were not always treated as equals. Women were perceived as stay at home mums that were only capable of cooking, cleaning and taking care of their family; it was near to impossible for them to even try and venture out of that role. On August 26th 1920 a huge milestone by women was made as we were finally able to vote. This one act helped people to understand and equalise both genders. Women should be able to have the same opportunities as men. The fact that women are being paid less than men for the same occupation is a major issue in the modern world and not enough people stress this issue. It is simply unjust that we are not given the same, this not only affects us as a singular but also our families. To be thought of as less than based on something that is uncontrollable is an invalid reason. Although an equal pay legislation has been set for over 40 years, the gender pay gap remains the highest in britain remains the highest in the european union. This not only shows our negligence of this matter but also the underlying prejudice that seems to be apparent towards women.Only recently, university leaders were under fire after the first official gender pay gap data showed that women in uk universities were paid an hourly wage that was on average 15.9 percent lower than their male colleagues.The continuous non-compliance of the equal pay legislation has led to many women being unable to support themselves financially. The clear carelessness of this as well as disrimination in the workplace would not only cause their mental health to deplete but would also demean and humiliate women based on merely their gender.If women are graduating from university at a greater rate than men then it is irrational for females paid than less than men, who are increasingly becoming less qualified themselves. Women that hold a degree are are as likely to be employed as doctors, dentists, lawyers, proffessers,managers and scientists as traditionally female dominated occupations such as teachers, nurse, social worker, librarian or secretary.From this we can see that the problem isn’t women not being qualified enough for a particular job but rather their efforts are not being appreciated.