We Need To Change What It Means To Be A Man It’s

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We Need To Change What It Means To Be A Man It’s time to face the dark truth about a growing crisis. Male Suicide. tragically Over six thousand British citizens lose their lives to suicide and do you know how many are male? Seventy-five percent…this is inhumane, preposterous and disgraceful. How many men do we have to let die before we start to act? Is it just because we are uncomfortable when a man doesn’t act in the way his gender is perceived to be? From the moment of birth, young boys and men are described as being big, strong and tough. Boys are told that you never cry, and we praise you for manning up when you are oh, so brave. horrifically In the UK alone every two hours a man kills himself. So, what the hell is going on inside our heads that leads us to taking the final step with such unnerving regularity? This answer is quite simple: its because we stubbornly refuse to talk about our feelings due to the “stigma”. What we do instead is bury our heads in the sand or (bottle), to be more accurate because as alcoholism rates for men in the UK are three times that of women. This is a result of our audacity to refuse to open about our feelings. This growing crisis needs to be eradicated before it is too late. Young men of our generation are in a challenging position facing suicide and depression. In twenty-twelve, there were a horrible five thousand nine hundred and eighty-one suicides committed at the vulnerable and innocent age fifteen and over. Why at such an early stage in life are young men prepared to throw it all away? Its multiple things it can be growing stress and anxiety from exams, the shun or bullying from other people due to your gender, sexual orientation or simply thier beliefs. But they shouldn’t feel the need to throw it all away. Why do young men need to be trialed every day when they are so vulnerable already? There is no need! Male suicide rates are three times higher than women. That is a huge difference between genders. Why do men have a higher percentage to commit suicide? Because its hidden and goes undiagnosed. Men to scared to go to the doctors because of the horrible stigma put upon. Whenever a man takes his own life it’s always followed by an outpouring of shock and astonishment from those around him “He seemed so happy” and “He was so full of life” they say. No depression isn’t something that just pops up it weighs someone down, makes them unmotivated, makes them feel like they are worth nothing. People don’t just doesn’t decide they want to take their own life they have suicidal thoughts and gain many symptoms. It is an invisible epidemic. People don’t realise the extent and how dire this situation can be. It can affect the economy these are the young men that will be the workers of tomorrow. Do we just not care? What is wrong with us why aren’t we doing something this is completely outrageous! What is our government doing to help this outrageous and extreme epidemic? Well the government have published a document to show the degree the government is going to reduce suicide. The documents title “Preventing Suicide in Scotland a cross government” explains to the public that with more “sensitive” cases they will send a police officer, a paramedic and a psychiatric nurse to try and deal more successfully with this “sensitive” cases. Yes, it’s a solution but it will only apply to if there was a call to the emergency services. What about those people that don’t call emergency services can they not be helped is there no solution? There is the public can if the government are only willing to help through emergency services then it’s up to the public to resolve this problem. The protest group campaign against living miserably set up project eighty-four. This project gives the people who have took their own lives their story and what they suffered through and makes them human and not just statistics. Why do we only view these suicides as statistics? Are we that naive and blind to things happening around us that we overlook other people because they mean nothing to us just because all we see on the news are just statistics of these awful events. Why is the government not tackling this problem? Because they prioritise Brexit and other matters yes, I know that Brexit is important but isn’t the citizens in their country more important while young men lose the government are discussing either a “deal” or “no deal” this is ridiculous, appalling and just revolting this problem needs to end. How can the wider public resolve this problem? Well I can be as easy as asking someone how their doing and taking time out your day to discuss about their feelings this simple, yet kind action can help so many men out knowing that someone cares to know how they feel if they were alright. just removing the stigma would help men open about themselves instead or drinking thier problems away. Also learn the warning signs for suicide. Or simply if you’re in a position you need to know who to reach out to are who can help you such as the NHS. In conclusion male suicide is growing uncontrollably through young men and older men and what is the government doing? enough to help themselves it’s the public that need to do something so next time you see someone down ask them are you alright? or how are you feeling? This can help someone so much knowing that someone Is willing to take the time out their day to ask them how it’s been.