Wearable devices are now the new trend and it will be the

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Wearable devices are now the new trend, and it will be the future of mobile phone devices, and one of the popular devices that we are using now is the Apple smartwatch, but it’s still the beginning because many other companies are trying to develop wearable devise like Google. The wearable device used in multiple areas and one of them is health care. They are popular in health care and also helpful, they use it to monitor user activates in real time and serve patient needs one of their technologies is the smart suit it’s a smart system that provides mobile health care which connects human and cloud in a naturally effective way.We surveyed the wearable devices. We inserted five questions, and a total of 26 answered, those questions were asked to the nurses and doctors in the hospital and also to the HCT health student. After they answered those 5 questions we analyzed the data, the first question was about if they trust their medical wearable devices, and the results of the survey showed that 16 persons answered yes while the rest 10 answered no, the people who answered no sure don’t trust their devices but still use them every single day just because they need them, why do they need those devices? Of course, a lot of us store our data on these devices but still, if we log into the Internet there is a possible way that we will get hacked, and our data will be lost! So that’s why those ten people don’t Trust their devices. Now let’s talk about the way that people like to authorize or secure their wearable devices, 12 people say they like to secure with their Fingerprint and with eye scanner 3 also 6 said they like the username & password way and last 5 of them said they like to secure it with their face scanner, as we can see a lot of people chose a lot of different things, but most of them chose the fingerprint which we nowadays use it a lot.