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Explore Cloud Computing and E-HealthbyHasco Seymour, Jr., BBA/MBANorthcentral UniversityTIM 8101-V3Prof. Dr. Brian HolbertPart A:Explain how cloud computing has been used to help in e-health solutions.By the use of cloud computing in the e-healthcare systems, many hospital doctors are able to provide healthcare service. For instance, treating the sick became easy and not difficult to do so. The use of computers can be as it is important in the computing age. According to Lin (2018), the e-healthcare systems are known for its deployment of all healthcare services in which they are made to use robots throughout the hospital settings, especially the use of the cloud computing systems. Here is an example of the cloud computing systems, are as follows: Healthcare EcosystemEHRClinicsFederal Healthcare ReformsMeaningful UseHIPPAHealth Insurance Clearing HousePayer Here are more reasons that healthcare workers are using the cloud systems. Each and every healthcare system is known to use these particular cloud systems to balance their work load. So, here are some cases that exemplified the reason why most and or each healthcare workers chose to use this system:Case 1- All healthcare workers are known as nurses and doctors to use a tablet, notebook, laptop computer, handheld computer known as a netbook as-well-as a web cam for any assistance for their work load. These items make it easy for that particular healthcare worker to make their work load much easier than other work load they may have.Case 2- Similar situation as of Case 1.Case 3- Exemplifies the other cases by the options to access their client’s records and or files as needed. More information about the cloud computing by the way of Benefits of Integrating Cloud Computing in Healthcare, are as follows:Electronic RecordsIncreased Flexibility Streamlined Collaboration Greater reach, during times of disasterAccessing High-Powered AnalyticsAdvanced Clinical and Medical ResearchFocus on Core CompetencyIncreased Efficiency and ScalabilitySaving On Data StorageRemote Patient Care(Veritis, 2018)Determine what some challenges in this area are.There are many or few challenges in the cloud computer systems that can be discuss as a whole, but some can be discuss. The cloud computer systems can act as a single system in which it is built into a system as a whole. However, here are the actual pros and cons: Pros and Cons of the Cloud ComputingThe ProsScale and CostEncapsulated Change ManagementNext-Generation ArchitecturesChoice and AgilityThe ConsLock-inReliability Lack of ControlSecurity This particular trend of the pros and the cons by the way of the cloud computer systems can be a way of separating the two by its differences and how they are used in the cloud computer systems. However, the cloud computer system is also known to have active access to better information and treatment. Here is a list of Active Access Better Information and Treatment:Have easy access to patients’ records and moreIt made doctors and nurses or physicians by informed decisions Connecting People That MatterAssistance in real-timeCloud Computer System brings doctors and nurses together with their patientsBuilding a Strong NetworkProvisional access to patients’ records and moreDoctors and nurses works together a teamInformed DecisionsEasily process data into an easy-to-do systemEasy to use judgments that provides must used informationDependence on Hybrid Cloud ServicesThe decreased of private and or public cloud Professional works through the use of a hybrid environmentCost-Effective Solutions with SecurityThe decrease of liquidation of operationsThe backups on disaster’s relief (Veritis, 2018)Illustrate what types of data are typically stored in the cloud for e-health. -The Cloud Computer Platform: Computer Servers Desktops Tablets Phones Laptops ApplicationMonitoringContentCollaborationCommunicationFinancePlatformObject StorageIdentityRuntimeQueueDatabaseInfrastructureComputeBlock StorageNetwork Application Platform Infrastructure (Corpas, M., 2011)Part B:Provide my recommendation for the organization and explain why. I should also discuss why I am making this recommended direction. (Provide ample evidence to back up my stance.)Identify and explain any challenges of my organization may encounter when proceeding with my recommendations.The identification of my own organization is based on the use of the cloud computer system works when it comes down to operations that I actually use for my organization as a whole, I would say. This computer service system is more effective than other computer service without the cloud computer system. So, with my expertise in computer programming, I would say that it is important to use a backup system for all or each computers within any organization that uses the cloud computer system, take mine for an example; I really recommend anybody who has an organization should use the cloud computer system. The reason is that this system really does works. Provide research-oriented resources to help with my presentations. Here are some research-oriented resources that I came up with are as follows: The Directions of the Research The Underdevelopment of Process into:WorkWork SummaryClimaxThe Finding of the DevelopmentRateResourcesThe Rate(s) TimeThe EndingProject Management Equipment(s)Microsoft ApplicationsThe OkayApplication SoftwareApplication SoftwareThe Cloud Computer SystemThe Source and or the DatabaseReferencesCorpas, M. (2011). From life in the server to life in the cluster: Life in 2011. Personal Genomics Zone. https://personalgenomics.zone/2012/03/12/from-life-in-the-server-to-life-in-the-clusterLin, H.-Y. (2018). A secure heterogeneous mobile authentication and key agreement scheme for e-healthcare cloud systems. PLoS ONE, 13(12), 1-15. https://doi-org.proxy1.ncu.edu/10.1371/journal.pone.0208397Veritis (2018). Revolution next! Cloud computing and healthcare industry. Veritis Group, Inc.: https://www.veritis.com/blog/revolution-next-cloud-computing-and-healthcare-industry/