whatthey can do to extend their dog’s lifeand how to work on

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whatthey can do to extend their dog’s lifeand how to work on longevity and how toprevent losing them prematurely and I’msure that you’ve seen people beingreally hot brokenhearted about theirdogs what I’d like to share with you isa few things about how to keep your doghealthy the first thing that I wouldlike to share with you is about vaccineI used to be really confused aboutvaccines until I realized that most ofthe time we don’t really need to usethem and maintain the immunity of ourdogs just just using minimal or novaccines I’ve learned that if dogs arevaccinated too early at the age of sixto eight weeks the immune system isstill immature and what actually happensthe vaccines neutralize the maternalantibodies which is a total oppositewhat you’re trying to achieve what Irecommend is at 12 weeks of your dogs oryour puppies age you take a blood sampleand send it to the lab for title testingand titer testing is basically ameasurement of antibodies in your dog’sbloodstream and if your dog is positivefor antibodies against distemper andparvothen I recommend repeating the test atfive months again and if your dog ispositive again then you can repeat it atone year and tears and after that it’svery unlikely that your dog would getactually any parvo distemper becauseit’s just not common in older older oradult dogs if it comes to rabies Iusually do not recommend giving rabiesbefore six months of age it’s reallyimportant to reduce the number ofvaccines and I usually do you recommendjust taking the Dinos first and then seeif the antibodies are sufficient or notif they are sufficient there is no needto vaccinate vaccines like kennel coughor Lyme disease are those that I reallydo not likebecause they appear to cause more sideeffects than some of the other vaccinesI’ll give you an example about 50% ofdogs that get kennel cough vaccineactually get get kennel cough itself soyou know the vaccine actually doesn’tprotect dogs it quite often infects themLyme disease vaccine is one of thosevaccines that is has not been approvedin humans because it was consideredunsafe and inefficient and what I haveseen in dogs that get Lyme diseasevaccine they quite often becomearthritic and have inflammations ofinflammation of joints very early on intheir life you know when it comes tocontrolling ticks and Lyme disease it’sit’s good to comb your day a dog everyday if you live in a tick infested areaand remove all the tick sub within 24hours after dutchman so every daybrushing and combing really thorough brocombing would be a way to go when itcomes to prevention of Lyme disease nowthe other myth that is kind of veryinteresting and I don’t know where itcame from is the dog shouldn’t besocialized until the age of four monthsuntil all the vaccines are given and tome it’s like taking children and notallowing them to socialize with anyother children and isolating themcompletely for the first several yearsof life obviously the social socialskills will be reduced and they will notbe as well adjusted and they will havebehavior problems whether it’s kids ordogs so I usually recommend socializingdogs on modern basis I wouldn’tnecessarily take them I wouldnecessarily take puppies to a dog parkwhere there are a lot of dogs but youknow seeing making them see other dogshaving them make friends with other dogsis absolutely fine if they are protectedwith antibodies now if the antibodiesare negative then you have a decision tomakedo you want to just give one antigen ofparvo at the age of twelve weeks andthen I give another antigen in fourweeks after that of distemperand then measure the antibodies again ifthe antibodies are sufficient there isno need to boost you know there is onething about disease and health and andand chronic problems that I’ve learnedthat if you use drugs to suppress themor treat them that the body eventuallyends up with more problems than beforedrugs are definitely life-saving when itcomes to anaesthesia or when it comes tosome serious advance and progressconditions but other than that Ibasically is with these supplements andnutrition and herbs to do what what whatconventional medicine schools actuallytaught us to do the drugs if you thinkof conventional drugs they’re chemicalsthat are foreign to the body so if thebody is dealing with the disease anyheat treated with drugs the body has toheal from the disease plus it has todetox the drugs so it’s not optimal andthere are other ways of addressing mostacute conditions and and even manychronic conditions and I’ve learned thatI can I can reduce the amount of drugsin my practice by 95 plus percent youknow I’m not saying that drugs are neverneeded sometimes they are and I thinkthey’re helpful but but most of the timewe can actually treat conditions withoutdrugs and that’s what I like to teachpeople how to prevent using toxicchemicals and medication and how tocreate health through nutrition andsupplements and good vitamins and herbsand healing as nature intended the nextthing that I usually recommend to peopleto look at is reducing the amount ofanti-parasitic drugs because Hardwearmedication free medication andintestinal parasite medication can behelpful in those serious and raresituations but most of the time theydon’t actually need to be given ona monthly basis so what you can do ifyou have questions you can go to my blogat Peter devised calm or you can emailus at contact at Peter devised calm oryou can go on Facebook at dr. Tobiasnatural healing if the next piece ofknowledge that I really would like toshare with you is about treats because Iknow that treats dog treats are part ofour lives it’s an expression of love forour dogs and I think that that treatsare always going to be there and we’realways going to give them but it’simportant to remember that if you if youfeed treats there’s a there’s arelatively high risk that you’ll begiving treats with poor qualityingredients in them I do not recommendgiving a wheat-based treats milk-basedtreats treats that have syntheticpreservatives ideally try to buy localtreats try to buy treats that are nottoo cheap to be true I sometimes like touse pet foods like zippy peek just thelittle little dry fruit pieces as treatsand dogs love them and it’s a veryreputable company from New Zealandcolours are kind of a medieval device ifyou think about it we put them on ourdogs and then put a leash and then somepeople jerk and tug on it and there’s somany sensitive structures in the neckand throat and and dogs get reallyinjured and affected by colors I seethat all the time I recommend using afront attachment friend our clip harnessthat is much safer and it frees thedog’s neck and it doesn’t cause anyinjuries and damage and other issueelectric colors I can’t stand them Ithink that electric colors are veryharmful they create obviously energywaves and electric waves within the bodythey also traumatize our dogs it’s a useof force and I think that they should beoutlawed another major issue is aretractable leash because retractableleashes generate a certain spring whenyour dog is on it anddogs have to pull the spring to actuallyextend the leash and injuries happenover the past few years I’ve beenmonitoring the levels of heavy metalsand also some radioactive isotopes in indogs that that do get to our fish andwhat we discovered from the hair samplesof dogs and running hair key test whichis a test that that we offer that mostdogs that have exclusive fish diet wouldhave higher mercury levels than thosethat do not get facial get very littlenow I’ve learned that salmon doesn’tappear to be as big of a problem as someother fish like tuna and white fish andwe have also discovered that dogs thateat small fish like sardines have higherlevels of strontium which is aradioactive element if you want to feedfish I recommend people to go on oceanwines and it’ll give you an idea whichfish is low in mercury and which fish issafe to feed but because there is somuch depletion of the oceans these daysand overfishing is a serious problem Iusually do not recommend feeding fish todogsproviding minerals is absolutelyessential and normally it would happenthrough food because food would be richin minerals and dogs many many hundredsand thousands of years back were eatingvery very diet unfortunately we havevery different situation today the foodchains are depleted soils are depletedof minerals and the whole deficiencyprojects in the whole food chain and itincludes our dogs now when there ismineral deficiency there two thingshappen one of them is that the themetabolic reactions cannot happen andeach element participates in dozens andhundreds of metabolic biochemicalreactions in the body and if they’remissing the body can somehow survive butit is not going to thrive and that’s thedifference between good health andlongevity and chronic disease andshorter life second if there is a lackof minerals the body needs to reduce theamount ofwater and hydration to maintain theright osmotic balance so minerals alsodirectly maintained and ensured ourhydration and our your dog hydrated doghydration so without minerals there isbasically no life and without mineralAlyssa your dog’s heart would not bebeating and nurse would not be workingor organs would not be functioningproperly and people don’t realize thatthis is really simple to correct that ifyou supplement minerals that your dogwhether he is young or middle-aged orolder is going to be so much better offif you’re asking what to give I’ve beengiven a combination of alga calc Oreoand spirulina which are in Greenman theproduct that I brought brought to youGreen has been an eye-opening experiencebecause I’ve seen so many dogs justbecoming alive after you give theminerals that it’s just so much fun tosee and I’m very grateful that I’ve beensomehow guided to put those together andbring Greenman because yeah it’s itmakes a huge difference the next thingthat I would like to talk to you isvitamins because most people do notunderstand that vitamins most vitaminsare made synthetically and they’re madeof ingredients like coal and crude oilwhich is not definitely what natureintended you know natural vitamins arebound in bio protein and they’re verydifferent they’re complex foods and eventhough we can we can manufacturevitamins they are similar and they mayeven sometimes address thosedeficiencies they’re definitely notacting the same way as the naturalvitamins so over the last five yearsI’ve worked really hard to create amultivitamin supplement that wouldthe food-based and that would becertified organic and after many yearsof a really tedious and hard work we’vebeen able to come with soul food whichis a first certified organic naturalvitamin for dogs and I’m really happy tohave completed testing and we have justintroduced it on the market in 2013 andand I am thrilled and ecstatic becauseit doesn’t upset dog’s stomach I cantake this vitamins with my dog becausethey are very much the same what natureintendeddogs means so much to so many people andthey’re our best friends they’re oursoul mates they create such amazingenergy in our lives they take us outthere our free exercise plan they takeus for walks they bring so much joy I Isometimes look at dogs and I go wow youknow there are so much more advancedthan people because they know how tolive they enjoy the simple things Ithink that ultimately all we need is tokind of look at dogs and remember thatlife is about being with our friends andplay and have fun and enjoy naturearound and that is what what dogs areabout they come to teach us about lifeand how simple and beautiful it can be