When you look at lord of the rings and The Odyssey you

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When you look at lord of the rings and The Odyssey, you will have a very different view of both stories. The Odyssey was all about Greek mythology and very interesting story and a cool adventure that would show what type a person Odysseus is. Lord of the Rings is very interesting when it comes to storytelling. How one man or a group making an adventure that deals with a ring that has magical powers. But everybody is after it and will kill anybody for the ring and its power. Let’s see a quick rundown of both stories. With the fall of Troy, Odysseus is still nowhere to be found. His home is being ambushed by people and aiming to kill his wife Penelope. His son Telemachus doesn’t have the courage to stand up to the angry mob. The people want both to be dead to eliminate them from the palace. What many people doesn’t know is that Odysseus is alive and being held captive by Calypso on a strange island because the love she has for him is very strong. With no way off the island, it’s up to the gods to decide his fate. More people wants his family dead Antonius gathers up a group of people and they plan on killing Telemachus when he returns from his journey. Hermes is sent down to rescue the hometown hero from Calypso. He talks her into letting Odysseus build a ship and go home. Once he ships on the boat Poseidon (who is god of the sea) sees him on the water. He wants revenge for what he did to his son so Poseidon sends a heavy storm his way. The hate against Odysseus is through the roof but nobody can succeed in actually killing him. Athena comes and save Odysseus and his voyage home is prolonged has he ends up Scheria. Which his home to the Phaeacian princess. Once Odysseus introduce himself, he is welcome with open arms and is welcomed to a way home but only if he tells the story of his wild adventures. After a good night of storytelling and sleep, he disguise himself so he won’t be seen when he gets to his home land. Once he arrives in his homeland he endure the insults and threats from everybody in town. But what they don’t know is that he has a master plan in mind with his son. The only person to recognized Odysseus is his nurse but doesn’t give away and mind her own business. In the meantime Penelope organize a contest and the winner wins the chance of marriage. The person who put an arrow through 12 axes is the winner. So many people failed but the mysterious man nailed it and everybody was shocked. Once everybody was amused, Odysseus and Telemachus started the killing spree of the town. The two escaped and the word got to the families of the victims that were killed that day. Once families received the news, they went out to find the very men that did it to ensure the same fate. Once Odysseus saw his farther again it was a tearful moment but quickly tells him he is trouble. Athena his sent to reorder peace to the city and Laertes kills Antonius farther. Odysseus’s can now relax and enjoy the rest of his life, his long journey his now over. The Lord of the Rings is a little different story. It has a very nice adventure behind it but not has crazy has The Odysseus