While investigating into the BSN program I am currently in I will

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While investigating into the BSN program I am currently in, I will be discussing salary range, duties of the position, required degrees and licensing exams, employment opportunities, skills, and advantages/disadvantages. Career Investigative Assignment​While investigating deeper into my career I discovered many things that I did not realize about employment, disadvantages, and employment opportunities. With a possession of a BSN degree you have many job opportunities available for you. Not only can you work at a hospital, but can also be a Nurse Manager, Health Educator, Case Manager, Quality Coordinator, Director, Pediatric Nurse, Public Health Nurse, Critical Care Nurse, Medical and Health Services Manager and travel nurse, which are all qualifying roles with a BSN degree. Having this degree opens many doors and opportunities.​Reading upon what skills employers seek that I discovered were helpful things to know and keep an eye on especially when getting ready for an interview are, leaderships skills, having flexibility with work schedule, keeping a positive attitude (even when the going gets tough), and having compassion towards patients. The job description of a registered Nurse includes monitoring the patient’s symptoms, chart changes and conditions, report patient’s history, dressing changes, observing reactions, administering medications and many more under a doctors order.​The average Registered Nurse Salary in Michigan is $69,120. In the Warren, Troy, and Farmington Hills area I am surrounded by the average salary is $72,450 (Nursing Salary Guide). Hourly average wage is $35.52. In May 2019, the employment for Registered Nurses were 96,680 and the annual hourly pay wage was $71,330. The highest paying state in the United States is California with the annual mean wage of $106,950 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).​In Michigan, it is encouraged to go advance to a BSN degree when having an associate at Beaumont Hospital where I plan to stay. Other potential employers I may plan to join is Henry Ford in West Bloomfield, or St. Joes Hospital. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections 2016-2026, Registered Nursing (RN) is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2026, The RN workforce is expected to grow from 2.9 million in 2016 to 3.4 million in 2026, increasing 15%.​There are many advantages of being a Nurse. One is learning something new. As a nurse every day you meet and work with new people, caring for them, and talking with them. Also, you can make good money as a nurse if you take advantage of overtime pay. This drives a lot of nurses to pick up shifts and work more. There are many opportunities in the hospital to pick up and take advantage of with the high demand. Another advantage is choosing your specialty. In the nursing field there are so many different areas to work in, pediatrics, ICU, medical surgical, scrub nurse, dialysis, etc.On the downside there are some disadvantages in becoming a nurse. Right now, being a nursing assistant, I can see a few disadvantages being that I’m in the field. Stress can easily be triggered by difficult patients. For an example, at times it can be overwhelming as a nurse, patients may scream and yell at you. This can be extremely overwhelming to some but the key to not be stressed about the situation is to know you’re doing everything you can to help and not take things personal. Another disadvantage is the physical demand. A lot of times there are bed bound patients that need to be turned and repositioned. It is important to turn them every 2 hours to avoid bed sores. In that case you must make a good habit of body mechanics to avoid hurting your own body from bad posture.​I believe I am ready for all the challenges I will be approaching to be a successful student and future Registered Nurse. After investigating further with my career path, I am confident I made the right choice of field for there are many opportunities to gain from with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.