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why living in norway is awesome name institution why living in norway is awesome in todays world norway is among the most powerful and beautiful nations someone would love to live in for several years. there are a variety of advantages to staying in this remarkable nation even though one has to consider whether he is comfortable with icy driving and cold winter situations before deciding to live there. following recent statistics by the united nations human development report norway has been repeatedly ranked as the best country for one to live in. this is following its average levels of income and education along with life expectancy but also elements such as cultural freedom and human rights. norway has high educational standards literacy rates and material wealth. additionally norway happens to have one of the most effective welfare systems globally ensuring that unemployed individuals or those who are not able to work are given appropriate aid for them to lead better lives. notably norway also has one of the lowest crime rates globally. this paper explores the reasons as to why i would prefer to live in norway by discussing both the positive and negative things about the country. norway is a vast country situated in northern europe bordering finland sweden and russia to the east side and an extensive coastline facing the north atlantic ocean to the west side. the geographical location of norway here has a mild and wet climate unlike the one to the north and the east where winters are long and cold. norway works very well in various aspects of well-being relative to other nations in the better life index tomter 2016 it is also ranked as one of the best countries in terms of personal security and lies above average in the aspects of subjective well-being earnings and jobs environmental quality wealth and income housing work-balance education and skills civic engagement health status and social connections. first of all the beautiful scenery that stretches for miles and miles in norway is breathtaking. individuals have almost everything from waterfalls majestic mountains green hillsides and glaciers not to mention the most unique and impressive elements of fjords. norway is one of the best countries in the aspect of the human development index and its most considerable highlights are its stunning natural landscapes. living in norway makes one experience unmatched events of his or her lifetime and thus i would wish to live in such a country. the presence of beautiful seven sisters waterfalls that is part of the geiranger world heritage site along with other beautiful landscapes such as lofoten lodalen valley trollstigen among others is also playing an essential part in my desire to live in norway. the need to take a trip in the oslo to bargen rail for about 7 hours in order to have an opportunity to view the beautiful and admiring scenery sabel & herrigel 2018 norway is the best country for everyone to live in. norwegians hold nature in high esteem; that is they love their environment and thus they are proud of it. the outdoor life in norway serves an essential part of their culture in that they spend a lot of time in the mountains in summer spring autumn and winter. everyone would love to engage in such activities. in summer norwegians love to hike from cabin to cabin as in winter they engage in skiing. since cabin life was not entirely associated with mountains norwegians also used to practice them inland and along the coastline and fjords. norwegians closeness to nature was of an essential role in the success of the country. the majority of the cities are positioned near popular protected outdoor regions. in most areas an hour walk from the city center is what people walk to reach semi-wilderness. for instance people living at the oslo at ntnu in trondheim or at tromso ski trials from such settings are almost directly accessible from the settings larsen 2015 however nature might be as dangerous as it is beautiful. the weather might shift quickly in the mountains from bright sunshine to rain strong winds and dense fog this meant that people could at times experience such instances hence the need to consult the skilled hikers prior to planning the activity. norway ensures that people receive better payments. money though it cannot buy happiness presents as an essential means to earn better living standards. for instance the average household net-shifted disposable income per capita in norway is usd 35 725 annually higher than the oecd average of usd 33 604 annually. norway makes sure that the affairs of the poorest are carefully considered to those of the wealthiest uplift their standards of living. norway ensures that the majority of people aged from 15 to 64 years of age engage in paid jobs esping-andersen 2017 since joining in jobs results in various essential benefits such as offering na source of income building self-esteem enhancing social inclusion creating competencies and skills fulfilling ones aspirations i would like to live in norway for it offers jobs to a wide working-age. in norway the rate of the unemployed population is low compared to other countries. unemployed individuals refer to those who are not recently in any job market but are willing and able to work and are actively looking for a job. in any given country long-term unemployment can result in a negative impact on the feeling of self-worth and well-being and lead to a loss of skills further lowering employability. norwegians experience the wages and other monetary advantages that result from employment due to the element of job quality they offer. additionally norway ensures that in the aspect of work workers get relevant job security in the essence of the anticipated loss of earnings in case an individual becomes unemployed. this also incorporates the likelihood of losing the job to remain unemployed and the amount of financial aid to expect from the government. with such norway ensures that employees experience an anticipated 5 percent loss of earnings when they become unemployed goergen osullivan wood & baric 2018 therefore i would wish to live and work in such as environment. norways economic system plays an essential role in my interest in living in the country. i would wish to be part of the booming economy. economically norway earns a lot from the offshore gas and oilfields and much of its wealth is saved by the government and put into public uses most notably general welfare that makes living in norway easier in various ways. its economic freedom score is 73.0 making the economy the twenty-sixth freest in the 2019 index wood osullivan goergen & baric 2017 norway makes use of natural resources and the vibrant private sector funds a large national sector as well as extensive human society net without impacting the economic stability. the norwegian government has established healthcare aluminum industry green technology and fisheries as potential regions for investment and growth. such an environment creates a setting where everyone can work as it benefits from monetary stability and an independent judicial system that offers durable protection of property rights. norway also provides private property rights and ensures that they are securely protected. the government is working to promote innovation within the country in its attempts to modernize norway. norwegian government kept on negotiating for it to be allowed to have a trade with the european union in order its companies to gain access to european markets until it was granted the chance to join the european economic region and the european free trade association. even though norways trade terms significantly focused on harmonizing the states industrial and trade regulations with the eus a new attempt in the year 1994 resulted in the same outcome as in 1972 eckstein 2015 despite the fact that the most of the held ideas following the eu membership concentrated on political other than economic factors it formulated economic regulation in various significant ways such as the proceeds from oil revenue not to be used to fuel either public or private consumption if norway was to maintain its prosperity in case oil reserves run out for the country to engage in european market it had to open its domestic markets to european imports and that both the public and politicians came to power with the belief that norways economic growth was dependent on taking advantage of the comparative benefit by concentrating on the particular areas for export and depending on import for anything else. following the political system norway positively includes its citizens in the voting system. this is through observing their culture that clearly dictates that every registered voter should vote. such a sound system that norway has makes no one develop the feeling of being left out as well as being misunderstood. they are all assured that their voices would be heard and attended to accordingly eckstein 2015 additionally unlike in other countries in norway instead of focusing on prominent personalities with bigger war chests they concentrate on how rival political bodies would collaborate on regulations. thus the essential to the norway victory is the healthy relations between the lawmakers and the people that make people develop the feeling of being part of the democracy. they view their politicians just as they see the other regular human beings. norways judiciary is independent and the court system functions fairly making it one of the least corrupt countries that one can aspire to live in. still well-identified anticorruption strategies strengthen the cultural focus on government integrity. the efficient and transparent regulatory framework leads to entrepreneurial innovation and activity. though the labor market in norway lacks flexibility the nonsalary cost of employment is not high as compared to other countries in the region. the economy benefits from openness to foreign exchange investment. norwegian social system is among the critical issues as to why i aspire to live in the country. the nations values are rooted in egalitarian ideals with the nation being a progressive welfare nation that observes rights such as equality equal and openness for all. this state is one of the most developed constitutional and democracies countries globally. the state is a parliamentary democracy that effectively influences norwegians believe of equal distribution of wealth that all individuals should equally possess opportunities standal & hersoug 2015 the degree that people have of trust in the government both local and federal in their primary duty of the welfare of all residents clearly promises foreigners a better living in norway. equality openness and equal in generals in norway such as gender economic and social justice are essential factors that favor ones life in the country. the aspect of people with mental and physical challenges to have equal rights and be treated with respect as their peers are also beneficial factors. health and welfare is another reason as to why i would wish to live in norway. once one is legally resident he or she can apply for the free public health service in norway who reported that norways health and welfare is among the top best fifteen healthcare systems in the world. the compulsory membership in a national health-insurance system ensures that all citizens receive free medical care in healthcare settings including free medicine and compensation for nurses fees and allowance to compensate for lost wages. residents in norway benefits from such health and welfare services. membership fees imposed to secure cash benefits in cases of pregnancy or illness that are covered by a separate insurance fund are compulsory for the working individuals and optional for the self-employed. since the majority of doctors in norway work in hospitals owned by the state municipalities and counties almost all norwegians receive significant care goergen osullivan wood & baric 2018 this facilitates to the extensive healthcare programs of preventive medication that has positively enabled norway to recently conquer the nemesis tuberculosis. the well-developed maternal and child health care system including compulsory school health services and free family education by the healthcare specialists has also facilitated positively to my desire to live in norway. additionally the clearly stated terms of peoples pension to ensure that all citizens upon retirement attain standards of living that are strictly similar to those that they had achieved during their working days. the pension services cover cases of disability or loss support and old age. the quality of transportation infrastructure in norway is yet another reason as to why i would prefer to live there. norwegian transportation infrastructure is excellent despite the deeply cut valleys and high mountains and fjords along with a severe northern climate that makes transportation during winter challenge. the proper positioning of the railroads in the south as most of the north places remain accessible by ship aircraft or car inspires me to drive across norway. the norwegian government plays a crucial role in regional conditions and attaches itself to investments in communications and transport and this happens to be of importance because many bridges tunnels and ferryboat services are indispensable in various parts of the country cao næss & wolday 2019 the excellent transport infrastructure in norway offers local commuter services in the urbanized regions most notably bergen oslo and trondheim. air transport in norway is quite good with 58 airports 22 of them being owned by the state. additionally norway is located on shipping as an essential factor in the transport system. ports are securely constructed and there are also various ice-free harbors on the coastline. its advanced telecommunications infrastructure significantly impacts my interest in living in norway. norway has reduced instances of criminal cases due to the system that is incorporated to treat the prisoners by offering them responsibility and trust. they are also provided with more rehabilitation training and skills development than almost any other place globally. following the well-established policies in norway they result in an environment that allows people to camp anywhere freely. norway has a military service of six to twelve months for the navy and army as well as twelve months for the air force has well ensured that all residents are secure. norway also has the law allemannsrett that gives people the right to create a tent anywhere. this includes the expectations that one has by living in norway such as a national park or private property. this makes norway a better hiking and camping paradise. additionally such conditions make norway a family-friendly country. norway has various policies that favor family life. the norwegian culture encourages that a father can take up to 12 weeks paid leave just for the first three years following a new babys arrival. as mentioned earlier on the health and welfare growing old in norway also favors family life. being of 67 years of age and above in norway you receive a state pension of 1000 monthly hoepner & schopohl 2018 also in the family-friendliness point of view employees enjoy the lower working week along with longer paid holidays of twenty-five working days. culture is also of significant value for one to consider living in a certain country. norway the country of my choice is developing steadily as a cultural state with its citizens interested in culture and being willing to spend money and time on it. importantly in norway there is a widespread culture for engaging in and working for culture and cultural growth. the fact that norway is both a great exporter of culture and an excellent place to be for cultural enthusiasts attracted peoples interest to trade and interact with them thus creating room for multiculturalism. the efforts of norway to move towards a multicultural society following the terrible attack that killed 77 individuals has resulted in a better place. for instance a muslim woman haida tadjuk was appointed minister of culture standal & hersoug 2015 similarly positive results of multiculturalism are evident by the 11 percent of norways population was born abroad. in conclusion norway happens to be one of the best countries to live because of a variety of reasons that lie in the country. norwegians experience beautiful moments following the ruling system that ensures that all people are treated with equity and openness and through observing tight security to lower the cases of crime. in norway people live free lives in which someone can decide to be personal at work or they can carry out the task while at home. norwegians interact freely following the culture of openness and uniformity that people hold on various occasions. they also enjoy high levels of education and income along with life expectancy. additionally conditions such as cultural freedom and human rights along with educational standards high literacy rate and material wealth. norway has one of the most effective welfare systems globally that ensures that unemployed individuals or unable to work are significantly supported to have a better living like the other people the rich.