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Michael WelniakWIND 3510Michelle Jarman10/20/19Essay Tony Morrison’s Home depicts a brother Frank Money who cared more about her sister named Cee. Shortly after the war ended, his life began to shatter to pieces. He decides to leave his hometown, Georgia, and his fiancé Lilt to go find and visit his sister Cee. This novel described his experiences of living in his hometown and in the hospital. There was this law that people cannot marry a person who is confined to a wheelchair, which I described after watch the film Men, a film where a WWI soldier was shot in the back and placed in a wheelchair and made good friends and didn’t want to see his fiancé find out he was in the wheelchair due to injuries he sustained in the war..After the war ended, Frank stated that Georgia was the worst place to live and raise in. He had this vivid description of him losing his colleagues on the battlefields back in World War II. In Georgia, people regardless of race or ethnicity get their bodies attacked, just like how he described his colleagues getting attacked or killed on WW II. Frank compared his experience on the battlefield to his hometown. Because of his experience in the battlefield and being confined in a wheelchair, he slowly becomes more isolated from friends and becomes unrecognizable. He needs Lily and his sister Cee because he doesn’t want to see early death happen to them the way he saw his colleagues die on the battlefield. He starts to suffer PTSD but doesn’t want to know that he has it.The character Lily is Frank’s fiancé who is concerned about him during the war. She was always there to help him recover from his injuries. While Frank was recovering from his spinal injury, Lily helps give him instructions after instructions, one of the physical rehabilitation treatments to him exercise, and walk. Giving a person confined to a wheelchair instruction after instruction is a slow recovering process.For example, my father called me on a June afternoon to tell me that my grandmother fell on the ground, spraining her ankle. After I got to her house, I helped father carry her to her vehicle to take her to the hospital, but the people who treated her didn’t appear to be successful. She was transferred to a physical rehabilitation center in Fort Collins, Colorado. She was told to walk very slowly by the nurses over a two-week stay in Fort Collins. After returning home from the Fort Collins rehabilitation center, My mother came by her house frequently to help her walk again. She would walk her to the bathroom and into the living room, giving her future instructions every time my mother leaves my grandmothers’ house. This reflects my experience with developmental disorders because people who have disorders like autism, ADHD, or Aspergers, go to speech and hearing therapy because treatment takes a long time to make improvement for social and communication skills. It depends on which therapy or treatment could work for the individual.In race and ethnicity, Adolf Hitler began to adopt the Eugenics movement generated from the United States. Its history explains why the eugenics movement became a pinnacle in Nazi Germany and a part of racism. First, The Eugenics movement originated in America in the early 1900s, developed by biologist Charles Davenport, and former teacher and principal Harry Laughlin. Back in 1910, Davenport founded the ERO (Eugenics Record Office) which had one promoted statement. The statement said, “to improve the natural, physical, mental, temperamental qualities of the human race.” Harry became the first director in the program. The field workers that worked in the program became interested in the inheritance of “undesirable” traits, which included pauperism, mental disability, dwarfism, promiscuity, and criminality. The eugenics program remained active for more than three decades. Second, the English eugenics movement promoted eugenics through selective breeding to search for positive traits. In comparison with Naviolencey and the United States, the movement only focused on excluding negative traits. Undesirable traits depicted by Harry and Charles earlier were targeted towards poor, uneducated, and minority populations. Eugenicists helped give out legislation for sterilization. The first state that enacted sterilization was Indiana in 1907, which was followed rapidly by California as well as 28 states in 1931. The sterilization laws became forced in over 64,000 people in the U.S (Rivard, 2014). In the beginning, sterilization efforts focus on the negative traits that included those with disabilities about the laws focused more on people who lived in poverty or those who committed violent crimes. The supreme court also supported the Eugenics movement and its sterilization laws legally.For example, in a case with Buck and Bell, or simply entitled “Buck v. Bell,” the state of Virginia set out to sterilize Carrie Buck for prostitution was evidence was given out that she gave birth to a baby out of wedlock. In a court ruling against Carrie, Wendell Holmes opined “it’s better for all the world if instead of waited to execute degenerate offspring for the crime, or to let them starve for imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind… three generations of imbeciles are enough (Riverd, 2014).” Holmes agreed that those who committed a crime, engaged in prostitution, or lived in poverty, should be excluded from society.California’s eugenics program became vigorous that the Nazi’s turn to advice from California in order to perfect their own efforts. Lead Dictator Adolf Hitler admitted to following the laws of several American states that became allowed for prevention of reproduction of the disabled, mentally ill, or prostitution. But after witnessing what Adolf Hitler did, the US eugenics movement began to lose power in the 1940s and became discredited following what happened in Germany (Riverd, 2014). The eugenics movement became a part of racism because it was depicted in segregated schools and cities. For example, in classrooms white people had to sit in front of the classroom while African Americans sat at the back of the room. That’s what became part of eugenics. On the way to find his beloved sister Cee, he experienced violence and alcoholism while he was on the train to see her. After watching the movie “the men”, I saw a common thread: failure in personal life, failure in business life, depression, alcoholism, and violence. In the movie, a veteran who survived World War I suffered a spinal injury that prohibited him to walk. He made himself some friends but was prohibited to marry his long-term fiancé because it seems that a law probits couples from marrying a person confined to a wheelchair. After marrying his fiancé, they returned and had a heated argument causing him to become violent and leave her behind. He heads down to a bar and starts drinking. But after seeing his physician for good advice, he comes back to her and they start living a good life together. On pg. 98 in the book,